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5 Ways Businesses Are Making Use Of 5G

As you may have gathered from its name, 5G is the 5th generation of mobile wireless networks. The developers of 5G claim that it is capable of speeds 100 times faster than 4G. Ultrafast connectivity, unparalleled coverage, and low latency are all possible using 5G. Although the benefits of 5G for consumer mobile users are well known, the new generation of mobile wireless data sharing is actually having more of an impact on the big business behind the scenes.
In an ever more networked world, businesses are looking to incorporate 5G wireless data sharing as part of their efforts to create highly autonomous and nimble processes. Here is a very brief guide to the ways in which businesses are making use of 5G technology.


The next generation of healthcare will be highly reliant upon 5G connectivity. High-quality video consultations, auto-reporting wearable health monitors, and assistance robots will play a large part in the provision of great and efficient healthcare. Connected healthcare solutions linked via 5G are already being developed and trialed in hospitals around the world.

Companies developing E-health solutions need to invest in the right 5G protection. All data associated with healthcare is extremely vulnerable. Data leaks in the healthcare industry can seriously damage a reputation and put a big dent in consumer trust. Hackers regularly target healthcare institutions in the USA.

Connected Vehicles

The future of vehicular travel is undoubtedly automated. In order to work safely and efficiently, self-driving vehicles will need to be connected to each other. Complete connectivity is intended to produce a ‘sensor hive’, wherein all sensors in all vehicles work together to develop comprehensive situational awareness. 5G is truly crucial to the development of interconnected vehicles. Big businesses such as Toyota are already trialing vehicles connected in this way.

Cloud Robotics

Cloud robotics is being developed as a way of simplifying robotic design and increasing the capabilities of robotic networks. A robot connected to the cloud does not need to contain its own processing capability – making it far more simple than its predecessors. It can also work in conjunction with robots that are using the same cloud. Collaboration between robots may no longer need to be static. 5G connectivity makes cloud computing possible by allowing for low latency communication between individual robots and remote servers. Truly collaborative robots may soon be common sights in hospitals and offices around the world.

Smart Stadiums

A number of ongoing projects are focused on improving the consumer experience in major sporting and entertainment stadia. 5G connectivity is often central to these improvements: allowing all consumers access to ultra HD video and informational content from their seats. The Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia, was one of the first major event venues to be fitted out with 5G connectivity.

Fixed Wireless Access

Telecom providers are looking to replace wired broadband connectivity with a service provided via 5G. This would increase the efficiency of broadband provision massively and do away with the need for physical infrastructure work in and around consumer properties.

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