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Apple farmers in Kashmir fear as bumper chop, lack of wintry storage drive the rate down

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 11 | Issue Month:November | Issue Year:2022

The bumper harvest of apples this one year in the valley introduced cheer to the apple farmers in Kashmir valley but now they’re brooding about it one of their worst years in phrases of profitability. With the costs plummeting by over 50 per cent and no assert to retailer the chop, the apple farmers of the valley are petrified in glum health.

The apple farmers are getting 50-60 per cent decrease costs than what they managed final one year. The farmers remark the quiz for Kashmiri apples in the market has reach down which has change into a distress for nearly all of apple growers in the Kashmir valley.

“We face heaps of complications address wintry storage. Main wintry storage facilities regain booked in reach and which ability of the bumper chop, the growers were left with out a possibility of storing their chop. It’s detached lying out of doorways and farmers do now not know what to do out with it. There turned into a announce with the national highway as properly. And when all this chop reached the ‘mandi’ (market), there turned into a dip in costs,” mentioned Shahid Chaudhary, customary secretary, Original Kashmir Fruit Association.

“In a ‘Mandi’ which will get 50-100 vehicles everyday, over 150 vehicles arrived and that sooner or later result in dip in rates. We now were asking the federal government for more wintry storage devices. We now have very less wintry storage, we have requested the federal government all over again and all over again. There must be mini wintry storages in runt villages too,” added Chaudhary.  

One in every of the reasons for the dip in the rates of Kashmiri apples has also been the apples from Iran. The import of Iranian apples to India has affected the market of your total apple-producing states in the North of India, including Kashmir. 

The apple growers and associations have requested the central government to dwell the import of Iranian apples in grunt that the market of home-grown apples is now now not affected.

“The Irani apples have ruined our market. We now have requested central government to ban Iranian apples as it has affected our market. One in every of the reasons for dip in the rates of the Kashmiri apple is which ability of the Iranian apples,” mentioned Chaudhary. 

Kashmir hassle has round 700,000 households connected to horticulture. And Apple is with out doubt one of the foremost key contributors towards the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir. With 3.5 million of us connected to the apple swap, its contribution to the union territory’s GDP is nearly eight per cent. Per records, there turned into a 15-20 per cent lengthen in manufacturing this season. 

“We had a bumper chop this one year but there turned into a dip in the rates of the apples this one year. The expenditure on boxes, fertilisers and pesticides has been more this one year but rates have long gone down. We are getting 300-400 rupees less this one year per field as in contrast to final one year. Iranian apples have impacted our market so much, now now not totally Kashmiri apples but as well all diversified states in India. We now have all over again and all over again requested the federal government for stopping the import of Iranian apples,” mentioned Bashir Ahmad, an apple agriculturist.

Kashmir produced round 2.3 million metric tonnes of apples final one year. This one year, it has elevated by 15-20 per cent. Round 2,500 to a couple of,000 apple vehicles would breeze a long way from the valley during the height season. Investors from across India are also facing losses which ability of the dip in rates.

“The rates have reach down considerably as in contrast to final one year. It can maybe perchance also merely be which ability of the over manufacturing, we’re trying to salvage at lesser ticket and promoting at lesser too. Closing one year, we would possibly perchance perchance resolve for 800 rupees per field and sell it for 1000, but this one year we’re trying to salvage at 450-500 and promoting at 600 which is leading to heaps of losses. Iranian apples also affected the Kashmiri apples,” mentioned Dinesh Yadav, a purchaser.

Your total apple growers across the Kashmir hassle have requested the central government to do Kashmir’s greatest swap by banning the Iranian apple as well to by establishing more wintry storage condominium in the valley. 


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