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Aqgromalin, a South India-based agritech startup, expands delivery services to Assam

Assam: Aqgromalin is a South India-based startup, it is a farm diversification integrator. It has recently announced the expansion of its services to Assam in the North East. 

The Agritech, is a tech-enables farm diversification firm. It aims to raise the accessibility of animal husbandry and aquaculture input materials to farmers in all major parts of the nation.  

At present, there are limited number of hatcheries in the nation. Because of this majority of farmers have to deal with middlemen to procure input materials for animal husbandlry and aquaculture. The facts says that these sectors are still not much organized as compared to others. 

Hence, the expansion of Aqgromalin’s delivery services to Assam aims to address these bottlenecks. 

The co-founder and CEO Prasanna Manogharan said- “The accessibility to input material is the first step towards diversification. We are delighted to address the shortcomings of the market by making the accessibility of input materials for animal husbandry and aquaculture farmers across the country.”

Lastly, it has been claimed- “In the coming three months, we also look forward to pan-India expansion. So far, Aqgromalin has delivered old ducklings, turkey chicks and other varieties of chicken in Assam.”

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