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By the end of 2023, the firm from Udaipur hopes to have over 100 offline stores operating thanks to recently secured capital.

Be Young was founded in 2017 with the idea of four creative individuals. Their main goal was to create an e-commerce business that would represent the ordinary Indian young individuals when it came to fashion and accessories, with distinctive and unconventional designs and a trendy product variety.

Beyoung.in was created with the intention of capturing the essence of today’s young people who feel that their decisions should reflect both their heart and their head. Being dynamic in your beliefs is demonstrated by the rise of the Beyoung brand.

The BeYOUng Folks was founded by a group of imaginative people in a small space on a leap of faith, and it has since grown into a company that gains the trust of its clients with each new product it offers. Be Young as a company places a strong emphasis on developing goods that Beyoungsters can utilise to show their sense of style, beliefs, and individuality while staying current with fashion trends. Every product we produce, every work of art we produce, and every offering we give to you is guaranteed to carry Be “Young’s” spirit and essence.

The revenue-based financing start-up Klub has funded Rs 40 crore for the Udaipur-based apparel e-commerce company Beyoung. In a statement, the firm Beyoung announced that it will use the recently collected money to expand geographically. It will also make use of the monies for marketing initiatives, logistics advancements, and technology enhancements. Beyoung’s founder and CEO, a 24-year-old fashion enthusiasts, Shivam Soni, stated that this funding would help the company expand its presence throughout India and grow more quickly. We are thrilled to launch more than 100 offline stores in Tier II and III cities in 2023, which will provide us a great opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience and deliver our trendy and reasonably priced fashion goods to their doorsteps.

Beyoung is a clothing and accessory company that caters to persons between the ages of 16 and 45. It was founded in 2018 by Shivam, Shivani Soni, Sakshi Soni, and Shankar Mali. In a statement posted by Beyoung, the e-commerce firm reported a 3X increase in monthly recurring sales, totalling Rs 150 crore in annualised revenue. The business aims to reach Rs 500 crore in annualised revenue by the end of 2026. In the two years that Klub has been working with Beyoung, we have seen the results of the innovations and increased consumer choice these investments have produced, and we look forward to expanding this partnership, according to Sudharsan Venkatakrishnan, VP and Head of Capital Platform at Klub.

Beyoung plans to use the money to advance its marketing initiatives before to the beginning of the holiday season. Like The Souled Store and Bewakoof.com, Beyoung is in competition with these businesses. The country’s ecommerce market was estimated to be worth $38.5 million in 2017 according to an IBEF report, and it is anticipated to be worth $200 million by 2027.

Be Young is a short story with a straightforward message about having a goal in mind and working hard to achieve it. Because there is no feeling better than having happy customers, Beyoung operates under the premise that giving them the best is the only thing that matters. Be Young’s main goal is to provide goods that, by serving as a carbon copy of young people’s ideas, personalities, and decisions, embody their essence.

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