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Photo from Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Ladakh Friday reveals recent acquisitions made by the Army’s Para Special Forces

The Army’s Para-Special Forces units, effectively outfitted with cutting edge rifleman rifles like Israeli Galil rifles, are currently possessing long-run Finnish Sako expert rifleman rifles, which have a murder scope of around 2,400-meter.

The above photo shows a Jawan conveying the .338 SAKO expert sharpshooter rifle. Made in Finland, it is viewed as perhaps the best sharpshooter on the planet. Around 40-50 of the long-run expert rifleman rifles were secured a year ago. This procurement was coupled with the acquisition of two other expert sharpshooter rifles by the Army a year ago — the Italian-made Beretta .338 Lapua Magnum Scorpio TGT and the American .50 Caliber M95 made by Barrett detailed.

About SAKO Sniper Rifle

Finnish Sako expert sharpshooter rifle is intended to fulfill singular needs, and changes with every shooter’s very own style, fabricate and pose. The aluminum strengthened composite stocks are accessible in two shading choices: dark or green. The stock is intended for both right and left gave shooters. The back stock is movable in tallness and pushes off/on, and highlights cheekpiece which can be balanced along the side and with spacers additionally vertically. The butt plate is customizable for separation and point trough the utilization of spacers and is likewise endlessly flexible in stature and pitch.

The back stock alterations should be possible rapidly without the utilization of any instruments. The stock can likewise be safely secured when required by utilizing instruments that come inside the weapon. The single-handed grip has a compatible back tie in three unique sizes; every one of the three is remembered for the standard bundle. The activity outline is cold sled fashioned from exceptional alloyed steel, firm, and strong for additional inflexibility. The recipient is settled with three securing screws. All Sako TRG recipients are penetrated and tapped for an adornment Picatinny rail. Basic 17mm hub scope mounting rails with drawback stop-spaces.

EXFIL High Cut Ballistic Helmet

Another key gear that is very apparent in the image above is the head protector worn by another Jawan. The head protector is the American-made Exfil High Cut Ballistic Helmet, which includes a mixture composite shell for expanded quality with an exceptional geometry for an ideal fit. Sources said these protective caps were likewise gained in constrained numbers for particular units.


​The EXFIL Ballistic highlights a half and half composite shell for expanded quality with a one of a kind geometry for ideal fit. An imaginative, boltless CAM FIT maintenance rapidly acclimates to singular head shapes, giving an agreeable and stable fit. A Zorbium froth liner secures against sway and takes into account an overhead interchanges headband. Adjustable fit is accomplished through a lot of moveable solace cushions. A cord good Wilcox cover makes sure about any standard NVG mount.

Infantry troopers sent along the LoC frantically required new weapons, running from attack and expert rifleman rifles to close-battle carbines and light automatic rifles. Considerably more than the utilization of heavier weapons like mortars, a light mounted guns and against tank guided rockets, powerful rifleman activities have a more prominent disheartening impact on rival troops in the proceeding with threats and truce infringement along the LoC.

In February 2018, MoD had affirmed obtainment of 5,719 expert sharpshooter rifles for the Army and Air Force at an expected expense of 982 crore from the worldwide market under the ‘Purchase Global’ categorisation, the ammo for which was to be at first secured and therefore produced in India. This was as spin-off of Pakistan armed force progressively utilizing US-made Remington secluded rifles with compelling reach up to 1,000m in addition to focus on our Army and BSF fighters straddling the LoC and IB. It was likewise announced that new 8.6mm expert marksman rifles, with successful execute scope of 1,200m, would supplant the vintage 7.62mm Dragunov sharpshooter rifles with 800m territory that were procured from Russia in 1990 for our Army. Another media report said that the Para (SF) units, by and by holding Israeli Galil expert marksman rifles, are being furnished with Finnish Sako rifles with execute scope of around 2,000m in addition to. Be that as it may, this was found out later to have slowed down.

The Army had gone in for a crisis acquisition of an exceptionally modest number of cutting edge marksman rifles, with longer ranges just as current scopes, for troops sent along the Line of Control with Pakistan.

Expert sharpshooter rifles, Beretta’s.338 Lapua Magnum Scorpio TGT and Barrett’s .50-gauge M95 weapons, have a viable murder go from 1,500 to 1,800 meters, was purportedly bought under the Northern Army Command boss ‘s crisis budgetary forces.

The killing was representing a significant operational test for Indian soldiers along the 778-km long LoC, with Pakistan Army warriors furnished with present-day Remington secluded sharpshooter rifles just as better preparing.

Indian infantry troopers, interestingly, were burdened with Russian-beginning 7.62mm Dragunov self-loader expert sharpshooter rifles, which have a “restricted” slaughter scope of 800-meter and a structured vintage of the 1960s. Without Picatinny rails, the Dragunov rifles are likewise contrary to a few current basic frills like amplification and sight frameworks. In any case, with the acquisition of these propelled frameworks the Indian Army’s killing force balance has moved in support of India.

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