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Dr Batra's Launches Healing People, Changing Lives

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This World Homeopathy Day, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – the founder of homeopathy; Dr Batra’s, showcased the efficacy of the natural, side-effect free and cost-effective science through the launch of the Healing People, Changing Lives Coffee Table book. Also, to spread the Joy of Homeopathy, the brand is opening its doors to provide free consultation to all patients between 10th to 22nd April.
This book that was specially curated by Dr. Mukesh Batra, Padma Shri recipient and Founder – Dr Batra’s Group of Companies, features over 100 patient stories that highlight the efficacy of homeopathy in treating rare and difficult illnesses. The book was unveiled in an interactive online conference by Chief Guests Rajiv Bajaj – Managing Director, Bajaj Auto and Mr. Sharad Marathe – Chairman, AYUSH Taskforce.
Speaking about his experiences with Homeopathy, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj – Managing Director, Bajaj Auto said, “Homeopathy has always been thought of in a way that it is not evidence-based. But life doesn’t always come with evidence first, for example, gravity was always experienced but its evidence came into being when an apple fell on Newton’s head. So, even though evidence-based science is of course important, homeopaths need to lead with experience and the evidence will follow in the due course of time. From my own experience; I suffered from Eczema, issues with the respiratory system, and some digestive issues, which I had tried treating for years with modern medicine, but in 2003 when I decisively moved to homeopathy, did I witness what homeopathy promises – a gentle, rapid and permanent cure. It took a few years, but eventually, I got rid of all the symptoms of my ailments that too without any side effects. And such an effect is not possible with a placebo, as what many consider homeopathy to be.”
Speaking about the role of Homeopathy in AYUSH, Mr. Sharad Marathe – Chairman, AYUSH Taskforce said, “I had the good fortune of visiting Dr Batra’s in Mumbai and it was very gratifying for me to see what Dr. Batra and his team of skilled professionals were doing is not only administering homeopathic pills but also treating ailments in a very scientific way. I believe it is time that India is put on the world map for its healthcare which has quality and is cost-effective and homeopathy is a very big way to do it. COVID-19 has actually given us an opportunity to help make a breakthrough in the Homeopathic world.”
Shining a spotlight on the success of homeopathy and commenting on the launch of the book; Dr. Mukesh Batra, Padma Shri recipient and Founder – Dr Batra’s Group of Companies said, “As leaders in the field of homeopathy in India, I am delighted to present Healing People, Changing Lives that is an amalgamation of rare and difficult to treat cases that our team of over 400 doctors across 7 countries has treated successfully. As a contribution to the field of homeopathy, we will also be distributing copies of the book to Medical libraries, Institutions, and Colleges across the country.
On World Homeopathy Day, we also make a promise to provide free homeopathic treatment to over 50,000 underprivileged patients in this year. Additionally, as we battle the second wave of the COVID Pandemic, we will also be distributing Free doses of Arsenic Album 30 to patients who visit the clinics.”
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