England offering 2 free rapid coronavirus tests every week

London- Almost everyone in England will be receiving two Covid-19 tests for free each week as the U.K, the government has doubled down on its exertion which is reopening the economy.

However, the people living in England will be ordering the tests that must provide results for around 30 minutes, online or collecting them locally, which the government has announced on Monday. As the country is gearing up to reopen its stores and pubs in less than 10 days. Since late 2020, most of the stores and pubs remained closed.

Edward Argar, Britain’s health secretary on Monday said, “This is a very important step forward, another step that will help us, with the easing of those restrictions, to get life back to normal in this country.”

Since late December, England has been in lockdown mode, but the people were allowed to meet outside in groups that are up to six people in a week. However, there were almost three more benchmark dates in the upcoming months before the legal limits based on social contact will be removed almost by the end of June.

Notably, the plan will soon reopen the economy which is dependent on the elevation of the pandemic along with the country’s vacation program.

Till now more than 31 million people in the U.K. have gained the first dose of a Covid-19 shot. Almost 5 million people have now received their second vaccine.

Well, Prime Minister Bori Johnson is due to speak at 5 pm U.K timing on Monday and provide the route map for international travel rules. 

Currently, international travel is now restricted till 17th May. However, the report suggested that once traveling abroad is allowed and the quarantine rules will depend on a “traffic light system”. This means that those who are traveling to the countries on a “green” list might be not required for isolation upon their return to the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, pre-and post-arrival testing seems to remain the same even if coming back from the destination seems low risk.

Moreover, the prime minister is expecting to reference coronavirus passports documents for verifying whether the person has been vaccinated and tested negative for the Covid or in-built immunity.

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