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EVOLVING CEOs of 2021: KP Saha CEO Senrysa Technologies

Kumar P Saha has a powerful technical elite with enriched knowledge and experience of 18 years. He has always been ceaselessly pursuing to get solutions for societal problems, something which would add value to the world. By considering new ideas and new ways of doing things, and trying to innovate, he has improved products and made processes more effective and efficient. He is being continuously innovating products related to various sectors of society – Finance & Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Infrastructure, etc.

EVOLVING CEOs of 2021: KP Saha CEO Senrysa Technologies

Kumar is the Founder and CEO of the organization, always been driven by the cognitive “problem-solution mindset.” His biggest success stories always hinge on innovation. With years of utmost dedication, he has been awarded as one of the nation’s foremost business leaders for having a strong foothold in comprehensive Banking & Financial solutions and extensive IT solutions.

Being a technocratic organization, they believe in unceasing innovation with emerging technologies, the organization is constantly making a huge investment in the areas like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Data Science, and Cognitive Technologies. With years of honed expertise in cross-platform skills and quality-integrated methodologies. Senrysa has embraced a competent global delivery model which is to provide value-based solutions as well as professional services to clients worldwide. It follows world-class processes which make it simpler for clients to deal with ever-changing technologies. Their relentless drive for innovation has supported forming revolutionary solutions and products in Fintech. However, the solutions they have created are vertical-specific so brings direct operational improvements to Banking and Finance processes.

Like most organizations, Senrysa is working hard at aligning every part of their business—from technological solutions to production capabilities and front line sales activities—with the unique requirements of customers. To achieve this they are investing in their existing people, improving their culture and work environment through inventiveness. The objective of the organization has always been to create a solution that would impact a billion lives.

The organization advocates diverse and inclusive work culture that welcomes flexibility, innovation, transparency and performance. Senrysa is a home to those who dedicate their multi-disciplinary careers and diverse experiences trying to improve industries related to their work. Kumar and his team with their relentless innovation disrupting various industries so that their brainchildren take on lives of their own and impact generations to come.

Senrysa Technologies was an early adopter of the India Stack and has vehemently pioneered the Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AePS) in the year 2012. Senrysa has simplified the complex banking processes, where banking services were limited and made it certain for their customers to receive all the banking-related services timely. The organization always tried empowering the poor and destitute and bridged the jarring urban and rural gap with their technological proficiency. They have already served more than 10 million consumers.

During adverse times of pandemic, rural banking outlets of Senrysa were working persistently to provide the last-mile reliable and safe banking services to the masses for the largest Government cash benefit schemes. Every day more than millions were transacting through those outlets across the nation. Senrysa is committed to partnering responsibly with India’s aspiring mass market, focusing especially on the financially unserved and under-served segments while catering to all sections of society. With technology as a key enabler, the organization is expanding their reach and enhancing the customer experience.

Everyone at Senrysa believes in customer-centricity. The team gets energized seeing their work impacting a billion lives. They believe spending time with customers transforms a transactional relationship into a partnership. It builds empathy on both sides which ultimately leads to better business. They Care. They listen to their customers and help them solve their business problems. This is how they become customers’ most trusted organization.

The organization in the year 2009-10 worked extensively supporting MGNREGA – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Act, an initiative by the Government of India. Senrysa was one of the very few IT organizations that could participate in this project. The organization was responsible for opening bank accounts for thousands of workers enrolled with MGNREGA and disburse wages using biometric authentication in collaboration with different banks. Senrysa with the ease of technology alleviated distress and ensured payments happen faultlessly on time to the workforce. By providing timely release of payments and ensuring correct funds transferred to correct beneficiaries the organization improved the performance of the program and instilled trust and confidence of beneficiaries.

Another innovation of Senrysa – NDHGO surely to make difference to local businesses of our country. The project is currently in pilot mode. NDHGO is a local digital commerce platform that would enable 60 million Indian kiranas to join the digital bandwagon. The platform with its wholesome and holistic approach would help brick and mortar local stores get online and manage their daily business effortlessly. NDHGO would allow local shopkeepers to transact online by listing their products and thereby supplement their footfalls with a digital presence.

NDHGO is sure to disrupt the conventional business process but not disturb the inherent structure of India’s retail ecosystem. The end objective is to help local stores optimize their growth potential by generating more sales, more profits and more cash flows through simple but powerful tools of technology.

NDHGO with a Mobile-First approach and simplicity of adoption would offer local business – pre-built catalogues and integrated payment solutions. Businessmen having simple number literacy can avail of this technology, the seller only has to have the intention to migrate from brick and mortar stores to online mode.

With NDHGO local stores to get new customers, expanded boundaries for doing business and confidence to compete effectively in their fraternity. Store’s service levels will be difficult to beat, even for the most well-funded cash-burning e-commerce players. Customers with a hassle-free shopping experience would adore customer-centricity, an endless aisle of the assortment and a seamless omnichannel retail service from their next-door destinations. In a more equitable world, the humble local stores would pose a competitive challenge to the large players instead of the other way round. NDHGO envisions a world where everybody with a passion for doing new things can become a successful online entrepreneur in a few clicks. Kumar and his team by innovating a revolutionary platform for local business would surely demonstrate local is indeed the new global!

Diversity at the workplace has always been one of the primary focus areas of the leaders of this company and hence, the teams are composed of a varied and diverse workforce with contrasting mindsets and talents. The organization believes arguments that startle and illuminate, provoke and challenge, and shape how someone thinks about the world is healthy for one’s development, fulfilment and fun. So, they urge all their people to exchange and share ideas that would help them grow and contribute. The organization accept as true, its people must be free to do the right things the right way so appreciates the openness of thought, collaboration, and a holistic approach to work.

Senrysa is determined to become a preferred employer to its resources, so at all times they provide their associates with challenging work that would allow them to ideate, innovate and grow. All the employees at Senrysa are always encouraged to pursue their passions and interests along with work so that they grow as constructive individuals as well as valuable contributors in teams. They strive to grow with their employees with diverse personalities, tastes, preferences, faith, etc. and they never let difference be a hindrance to evolution!

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