Great Concept? This Nagpur-Based Startup Offers Rewards To Drivers Who Obey Traffic Laws


  • Traffic norms and regulations are changing due to a new startup in Nagpur.
  • The traffic regulation system in the nation is about to undergo a transformation because to Company Traffic Rewards.
  • By offering rewards to drivers who make it a point to obey traffic laws, this new firm is attempting to supplement this system of penalties.

The next genius move might be this! The trajectory of traffic laws and regulations is being altered by a new company in Nagpur. On its path to revolutionising how the nation’s traffic laws are implemented is the company Traffic Rewards. We are all aware that violating traffic laws in India results in a costly and inconvenienced fine.

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• Nagpur Startup Offers Rewards To Drivers Who Obey Traffic Regulations

• The system is made to function by the startup using RFID technology.

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 Drivers In Nagpur Are Rewarded For Following Traffic Laws

By offering rewards to drivers who make it a point to obey the rules of the road, this new business is attempting to supplement the current system of penalties. A pilot was started in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Nagpur Municipal Corporation on West High Court Road in Nagpur after the business showed its startup at the 108th Indian Science Congress Exhibition.

At the numerous traffic signals, the mapping devices were mounted, and the company made sure that it underwent thorough testing. Actually, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways is providing funding for the starting initiative.

According to Nilesh Kolharkar of Social-Impact Innovations Pvt. Limited, “The majority of citizens we have observed respect the rules. Usually, traffic violators are penalised. In order to recognise and value such citizens, we developed this system. The experimental project was started between Laxmi Nagar and Seminary Hills, and we are currently installing ten traffic signals on that length of the West High Court.

RFID technology is used by the startup to make the system function.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is used by the corporation to operate the rewards system, which is interesting to individuals who are wondering about how it works. These devices were installed on traffic lights at the test site. Furthermore, the individual who has been connected to the app will be issued a tag. This tag will be attached to the car.

When this RFID-tagged vehicle passes a device connected to a traffic signal, the RFID records that the driver observed traffic laws. If they did, 10 reward points would be credited to their account on the ‘Traffic Rewards’ app instantly.

There are various domestic and international brands available on the app. “We have partnered with over 80 international and local brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, PVR, Radisson Blu, Pharmeasy, and others where the reward points can be used,” Kolharkar explained. Users would receive exclusive benefits. Instead of fear of punishment, we want to foster a positive culture. For a long period, we have been thoroughly testing the devices.”

People online have different feelings about the plan. “As someone who devoutly follows traffic signals, I think it’s a brilliant idea!” said one. The city’s level of traffic awareness and responsibility is deplorable! This is a fantastic project to recognise and reward responsible folks.” Others were sceptical. “When something is free, you’re the product.”

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