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Healthtech startups Sarathi Healthcare, MedSign raise seed capital

The two health tech startups Sarathi Healthcare and MedSign raised their seed capital recently. 

On Tuesday, Synaegis Healthtech startup MedSign announced it has raised undisclosed seed funding from SMSRC, a Kolkata-based strategic advisor and research center catering to the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh and India. Whereas, on the other hand, Sarathi Healthcare which offers Healthcare services specifically for the elderly has raised rupees 1 crore in its seed funding. 

The funding for Mumbai-based venture Sarathi Healthcare has been backed up by angel investors and some entrepreneurs Nitin Sethi, Vishal Dhikale, Swapnil Bagul, Gaurav Satbhai, and Jayshree Barack. 

Both the startups stated that the raised proceedings of funds will be used for the expansion plans, which involves foraying into new towns adding better medical specialties and Technology products. 

Meanwhile, the founder and director of MedSign Shrihari Shidhaye said- “As we embark on our next level of growth, this seed funding from SMSRC will help us strengthen our offerings to the market and thereby enhance patient’s care by digitizing patient’s health journey to create a comprehensive digital medical database, that is secure, easily accessible, and real-time for clinicians and patients”. 

If further added- “Further, SMSRC’s widespread existing doctor network and relationships across the healthcare ecosystem will be an important avenue towards rapid penetration of MedSign. We also plan to raise additional funds to fuel our growth and expansion plans,” he said. 

MedSign was founded in 2018 by Kamlesh Patel, Shrihari Shidhaye, and Vivian Carole. It mainly aims to improve patient outcomes by enabling better accessibility of the right information at the right time. Whereas, Sarathi Healthcare was commenced in 2020 by Amol Bagul, Aditi Poyam, and Lavender Singh Rathore. It is currently part of Marwari Catalysts Ventures’ startup program. It has serviced over 5,000 patients till now. 

Lastly, Sarathi Healthcare offers services like disease management on-demand consultation, regular health checkups, lab testing, consultation on eating habits and diet, food supplements and nutrients, and much more.

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