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India: Drug dealer knowledgeable canines to chew participants in police uniform for the length of raids

A shock search operation planned by the police’s anti-narcotics squad at the home of a suspected drug dealer in southern India turned out into a nightmare after they had been confronted by several violent canines.

It has now emerged that the suspect in Kottayam, Kerala had knowledgeable the canines to chew anybody who develop to be as soon as wearing a police uniform.

The hunt operation on Sunday evening (September 23) develop to be as soon as hindered by the presence of the canines which additionally helped the accused in escaping the police, whereas the officials centered on avoiding the assaults of the canines.

However, the officials had been in a plan to subdue the canines and take over 17 kilogrammes of ganja from the positioning, said the police.

“The accused had imparted training to the canines to chew on seeing khaki [the common police uniform colour in India],” a senior police official said.

“He had been temporarily knowledgeable in canine handling by a individual retired from the BSF [Border Security Force], but develop to be as soon as kicked out from there for asking questions like techniques to originate canines chew any individual wearing khaki,” SP Okay Karthick IPS urged reporters.

He said it develop to be as soon as nearly middle of the evening when the anti-narcotics squad,  along with the officers from the nearby Gandhinagar police attach, reached the positioning, Kottayam.

“We didn’t attach a matter to there might perchance perchance likely be so many canines here and that they would perchance likely be violent. So, we faced scenario initially in accomplishing a truly best search. Fortunately, none of the officers had been injured,” said the police official.

Police at hand abet 13 canines to their owners

The district police’s top officer further said that the accused, who develop to be as soon as dwelling beneath the guise of a canine trainer, develop to be as soon as a drug vendor and the identical develop to be as soon as proved after they seized better than 17 kgs of ganja from the positioning.

“Essentially based entirely entirely on our preliminary investigation, he (the accused) develop to be as soon as dwelling here on hire and develop to be as soon as known to all and sundry in the attach as a canine trainer. Ensuing from this truth, participants used to fling away their canines with him, at the rate of ₹ 1,000 per day, after they went out of doors and he would scheme after the canines,” Karthick said.

Currently, around 13 canines are instruct at the positioning and after their owners had been identified, the police will surrender the canines to them.

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He further said that they maintain constituted a skedaddle investigation group to scheme into the case.  “We first maintain to assemble the accused and then uncover if any others had been additionally fascinated by the racket,” the officer stated.

(With inputs from agencies)

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