Indian Saga Star Awards in Bangalore Organized by Zestin Creative Spark & Supported by Global Business Line: Chief Guest Govinda

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 5 | Issue Month:May | Issue Year:2022
Govinda: Global Business Line

An award ceremony is a good opportunity to present your business to influential and noteworthy people who may be key players in your industry, industry, or region. Thanking your employees for a job well done is a given, but by taking the time and energy to praise them through an awards show, you show that you can put in the extra effort. Recognition at an awards ceremony gives your company employees morale and allows them to focus on their business goals. Whether you’re celebrating outstanding artists in your company or just saying “thank you” to your employees for all their hard work, an awards show is a great way to bring everyone together and increase employee engagement.

The Ashok Lalit Hotel Zestain Creation and Supported by Global Business Lien, team have jointly Organized’ Indian Saga Star Award Bollywood actor hero no. 1 Govinda presided in the function, forgetting time of life youngsters and elderly persons danced to welcome Govinda ji was a spectacular scene created where everyone zoomed in and inaugurated the event with lighting the lamp, gave away trophy to achievers entrepreneurs gala event witness.

At the event Govinda discussed about success mantra and made importance statement on Astrology and Numerology.

Govinda also expressed his views on connection with Karnataka. He said that he is connected with Karnataka from childhood, as Govinda’s mother Nirmala Devi, was associated with art and culture and used to be out of station, and Padma Ji, use to take care of Govinda, Padma ji was from Karnataka, and In this manner Govinda connects with Karnataka knows its culture and connects with it.

Indian Saga Star Awards in Bangalore

Govinda also told every one that after he connected with numerology he transformed from Govind to Govinda, and Govinda belongs to southern part of India, and he also received lots of love form south.

Govinda Said “जो कामयाब है वो इमानदार है, और जो ईमानदार है वो ही कामियाब है” for entrepreneurs, also Govinda gave a mantra to bring success that is to take care of your mother and father, and all your dreams will come true.

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