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InnoTech offering an innovative solution to meet the social requirements

Social need is considered an essential need for the survival of an individual and its derivatives. Right now the situation is such that there is a deliberate need for some innovative solution for meeting societal requirements and facilitating sustainable development.

Dr. Priyangshu Manab Sarma, Founder

Dr. Priyangshu Manab Sarma is the founder and director of InnoTech. For the last 17years, he was involved in technology development and commercialization of laboratory on the basis of innovation in the area of petroleum and bio-energy. For more than 15years, he was associated with TERI and was also Convenor of the Microbial Biotechnology group. Throughout he is actively engaged in the Research and Development of technologies and also in the field of implementation. His prime areas of expertise involve biological waste remediation, microbial enhanced recovery of oil and coal bed methane, microbial fuel cells, and bio-electrochemical systems bio-waste valorization.

Innotech Interventions is a technology startup that engages in commercializing and developing innovation also provides knowledge-based services on technology development and aims in meeting societal requirements and facilitating sustainable development. Moreover, Innotech Interventions is included under the Companies Act, Government of India, as a Private Limited entity.

Basically, the company is conceptualized for meeting the needs and challenges of the Northeastern regions of India. On the other hand, as the company is developing a team InnoTech is expanding its technologies and services to different regions across India and abroad countries. This adds values to various communities, engages diverse stakeholders, and contributes towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Innotech Interventions is a startup venture which transforms innovation from domains of the laboratory into actual field implementation. They have a deep sense of commitment towards organic and holistic growth for developing sustainable societies.

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