iPhone users will soon add 2 new WhatsApp features

Currently, WhatsApp has now rolled out the new update for the iOS app and the version is 2.21.71. Well, the iPhone users are adding two new features. However, WhatsApp for iOS will now highlight some bigger previews of photos and videos without making the small square preview. Moreover, this will be helping the user in quickly viewing the content instead of starting it.

One of the major changes is WhatsApp is expanding disappearing messages. All the members in the group now making the change with Disappearing Messages settings with the new update. Currently, the privilege now reserved for group admins. Currently, all the group members will be having the capability to make change Disappearing Messages settings. Right now the group admins will now have greater control that can be “Edit Group Info.”

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Soon WhatsApp is disappearing messages which permit the users for sending those that automatically get deleted after seven days. Undoubtedly, if the users are not opening WhatsApp for a seven-day period then the message might disappear. Moreover, the preview of the message will still appear in the notification until WhatsApp is opened. When you reply to the message, the initial message is quoted. However, if you are replying to a disappearing message then the quoted text might stay in the chat after seven days.

In the meantime, WhatsApp is now testing for reducing the time of disappearing messages starting from the recent 7days to around 24days.

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