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Iran fails to launch satellite Zafar into orbit

Iran failed to put Zafar (Victory in Farsi) satellite into orbit after a successful launch on 9 February. But the US alleged that it is a cover for missile development. The launch comes close to the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the parliamentary elections in Iran. The announcement about the launch was made by the Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi. The satellite reached an altitude of 540km. The rocket propelled the Zafar satellite into space successfully. As the carrier did not reach the required speed, it failed to launch the satellite into orbit.  Raad-500 missile: Iran unveiled Raad-500 missile, a new a short-range ballistic missile. The new generation of engines has the capability to put satellites into space. It is equipped with new Zoheir engines made of composite materials that make them lighter than previous steel models.

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