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Italy’s frontline workers – healthcare staff are the first to get the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Chinese Virus or Corona Virus has bring up many challenges to the world and Italy is one of the country faced the pandemic as vast disaster, Now the Vaccine is available and Italy’s frontline workers – healthcare staff are the first to get the Covid-19 Vaccine, they are going to text message confirming there’s a lot of being shadowed wants to have shown their IDs and Unser the few questions it only takes a few minutes for many doctors and nurses quit being on the front line in the fight against covid-19 getting the vaccine is more than a way to protect themselves for.

Dr.Guerra who despite her health issues as carrying to treating COVID patient it almost feels like the end overnight, in there their pants today is to me recently recovered from Culver City tickets been said: “it but those who work that experiences in a different way both when it comes to realizing that sometimes there apostles but you cannot In the past she had a few doubts about taking the job I have to do it for the sake of the whole community for everyone” for the back administering the vaccine since day.

One of the compiegne she tells me guessing the vaccine can improve teamwork relationship among us together to face and overcome such Dark Times that was the director of the local health unit believes an important Milestone has been achieved the status of what we do provide which is not about fighting against an emergency.

In region to region here lots around 70% of the delivery to do this have been used so far I’ll fo sorry Season the Lombardy region Europe Safety Center of the pandemic have been under attack for administering far fewer vaccinations than they planned to keep the girls growth in the number of covid-19 cases in check is sent to be crucial for the effectiveness of the vaccination vaccinations contain and while the reason “I’m going to be a time on health work as in whether or not the vaccine should be made compulsory fooled them so many doctors being the first ones to receive it ” sends out a message of encouragement to those pretty little hesitant that’s why they wear this pain which reads I’m guessing the vaccine George Orlando.

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