Kehinde Ajose: “Teropi Secxxion,” a book by Bimbo Ademoye, shares insightful entrepreneurial lessons

Iya Barakat Teropi Secxxion by Bimbo Ademoye not only grabbed the audience with its potent storytelling, but it also provides insightful advice for company owners and those involved in the content development industry. Her admirers yelled and cheered her on when she won the Best Actress in a Comedy category at the recently held African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA).

Ademoye’s skits offer insightful advice on how to establish interesting and sympathetic characters and tell honest stories that connect with viewers. In the sections that follow, I will go through three takeaways for content production from Bimbo Ademoye’s “Teropi Secxxion” and explain how business owners and entrepreneurs may use them to improve their own content strategies.

Genuineness and portrayal

The focus of Bimbo Ademoye’s Teropi Secxxion is on trying to deliver answers to the various clientele who hire her for teropi. She has portrayed a variety of real-life people, showing their difficulties and complicated relationships. Almost everyone will find their favorite in one of her sections because she features a variety of characters. The value of authenticity and representation in content creation is one of the most important lessons businesses can take away from Ademoye’s work.

Businesses can forge closer ties with their target market by giving a variety of viewpoints and experiences. Entrepreneurs ought to make an effort to produce content that represents the variety of their client group and guarantees that all viewpoints are represented. This openness encourages a sense of belonging and increases trust, which ultimately leads to increased consumer loyalty. This lesson serves as a reminder to business owners and entrepreneurs that their content should convey the authenticity of their brand and connect with their target market.

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Working together is gold.

Collaboration has shown to be a potent tool in the dynamic world of content development. For business owners and entrepreneurs, the same is true. Collaboration in content creation creates opportunities for a variety of viewpoints, specializations, and creative approaches. When talented people get together, their separate talents and experiences meld to create material that is richer, more interesting, and more dynamic.

Bimbo has worked with a variety of content producers and entertainers, including Mr. Macaroni, Uzor Arukwe, Lateef Adedimeji, Bisola Aiyeola, Kiekie, Portable, and others. Each of these collaborators brought to the project their own special skills, comedic timing, and fan bases, which improved the series’ quality and entertainment value. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of collaboration by forming alliances with thought leaders, specialists, or other companies that are relevant to their target market or brand. Entrepreneurs can pool their resources to access fresh ideas, viewpoints, and abilities that improve their content creation efforts and make them more engaging and effective for their target audience.

Shareable and enduring content

The use of catchphrases can increase the recall and shareability of content. Iya Barakat’s catchphrases, “We do know what we do,” and “How can I take and be of epp to your life,” have come to represent her brand and have been recognized by her audience as her signature phrases. These sentences stand out in a way that distinguishes her writing and sticks in the minds of readers.

This lesson can be applied by business owners who create catchphrases that reflect the character and principles of their company. The brand’s message is reinforced and the audience connection is strengthened by using these catchphrases consistently throughout numerous content platforms, such as social media, blogs, and videos. These catchphrases eventually come to be associated with the brand, setting it apart from rivals and giving it a distinct identity in the marketplace.

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