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Let your startup create the best machine learning products with the Prithvi.AI platform

Haryana- Prithvi.AI is an open innovation platform and startup ecosystem in India that leverages the campus community of mentors, professors, and research associates (RAs) to build commercial unprecedented AI-based solutions. Here, they make effective use of Labs in Campuses which engages Research and Development Associates, Faculties, and Industry for translating Research into Development and Innovation for Government and Industry. From 2018, they have partnered up with numerous premier institutes and IITs executed 4 innovation projects. Their main aim is to convert the academic research into full-fledged IP.  

Prithvi.AI continues to enlarge its platform by providing sustainable and scalable AI solutions to Government Industries. We are having fruitful relations with premier Institutes and request to expand it in every aspect.

It is Prithvi’s R&D Platform that can help SMEs, researchers, and professionals in conducting efficient and reproducible interactive computing experiments with ease. Additionally, it allows the researchers to keep a complete record of their work team. This platform enables researchers to learn new skills or brushing up on old concepts with ease and also helps in developing cutting-edge solutions. IT reduces the time to install, manage, and troubleshoot data science tools and frameworks. It is included in the latest versions of all commonly used tools and frameworks.

The R&D platform is best when it comes to collaboration and enables multiple numbers of participants to work on it simultaneously. Well, this Learning Management system is dynamically updated and helps students for learning new concepts and veteran researchers for reviewing concepts.

According to Prithvi.AI culture of open innovation allows-

  • A reduction in research cost
  • Increase differentiation
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Add the competitive and social advantage

Prithvi with its platforms and strategic IPR management will permit your industry to source the future and also gain competitive advantages. With outside-in open innovation, they can expedite the process on the Prithvi Platform.

To know about Prithvi.AI and its service, please get in touch at [email protected]

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