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Malaysia gets a new third prime minister — the country in 3 years

The Czech borders will remain mostly closed, but a new category of foreigners will be able to enter the country including workers and families participating in special government programs. The government has issued guidelines that allow long- and short-term foreign investors, managers, experts, skilled workers, and their families to enter the country.

The Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Investment announced the creation of the Global Business Talent Attraction Taskforce, a new task force aimed at boosting investment and securing exceptional talent in Australia. 27 European Union countries agreed on Wednesday to introduce a system of COVID-19 passports to welcome tourists this summer, Reuters reported. In addition, the government decree Nadeg511 will regulate the entry of certain groups of citizens from non-EU and non-EU countries.

As far as Japan-Australia relations are concerned, Prime Minister Fraser made an official visit to Japan in June 1976, when the Basic Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation was signed, which reinforced and expanded relations between the two countries not only in the economic sphere but also in areas as far-ranging as politics, culture, education and social affairs.

There was also a discussion of views between Japanese and European leaders, including an open discussion at the Summit of Heads of State and Government in Puerto Rico, where Prime Minister Miki and leaders of four Western European nations attended.

The second major diplomatic effort was the six-party negotiations that were launched in August 2003 in China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, and the United States. In September, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs Ieng Sary visited Japan in an unofficial visit and met with the Foreign Minister Miyazawa to discuss future relations between the two nations.

According to the Japanese Foreign Ministry, there were two specific issues separating North Korea from the other participants. Wang Yi, China’s envoy to the six-party talks, said sharp differences remain between Washington and Pyongyang. Second, Washington and the other two governments wanted Pyongyang to recognize its uranium enrichment program.

Perry delivered a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Il to President Clinton, but the two did not meet. South Korea’s deputy foreign minister Lee Soo Hyuck made a proposal to China and Russia to help the North provide energy assistance in exchange for a freeze on its nuclear program and a promise to dismantle it. North Korea has explicitly denied for the first time that it has a uranium enrichment program.

The king meets with 222 members of the lower house and appoints one of the deputies as prime minister with their support, as he did last year, but this time without a statement mentioning him by name, sent by fax, e-mail or WhatsApp because of COVID-19.

The Parliament has 100 members: 88 elected members from 29 constituencies, nine non-party members appointed by the President, and three non-party members of opposition parties who were not elected in the last parliamentary elections but who were appointed by Parliament to increase the representation of opposition parties. Members can choose a term of office of up to five years. Each group is represented in GRC’s constituency, where political parties assemble a team of candidates and nominate individuals to take part in elections.

Singapore is a single parliamentary republic with a Westminster system of parliamentary unicameral government. The President is Head of State and exercises executive powers on the advice of his ministers. Elections are considered free and the government exercises significant control over politics and society under the People’s Party, which has ruled since independence.

The Malaysian king will nominate a new prime minister as soon as possible and the new leader will have to face a no-confidence vote in parliament to prove he has a majority, the palace said on Wednesday. Malaysia is searching for its next prime minister after Muhyiddin Yassin submitted his resignation on Monday after 17 months in power. The king, Sultan Abdullah Riayatuddin, summoned the party leaders to present their proposed candidates for prime minister.

The Malaysian King Al-Sultan Abdullah has appointed Ismail Sabri Yaakob as the new prime minister, the palace said in a statement on Friday. Ismail Sabri and Yaakob Muhyiddin, deputy politicians of the United Malay National Organization (UMNO) party, have emerged as leading candidates to become the next prime minister. Other candidates include former deputy prime minister Ismail, who belongs to the second-largest party UMNO, and YAAKOB, an alliance of 38 deputies.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, one of eight party leaders invited to a factional meeting at the palace, said the king had urged them to end their dispute. He stressed that the new leader will not be vindictive and that the parties should work together to fight the pandemic and revive the economy, Anwar said. The Elder Statesman, Tengku Razaleigh, who is in his eleventh term as an MP, offered himself as an interim prime minister after Muhyiddin’s political foundation began to crumble earlier this year.

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