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Xiaomi to launch kernel source codes for Mi 10T-Lite and Redmi Note 10

New updates- On 19 March 2021 Xiaomi has declared the new kernel source code for the new Redmi Note 10 and Mi 10T-Lite/Mi 10i (Gaugin). It is constantly growing and launching new phones and upgrading technologies to give better services at affordable price ranges. Earlier, the company launched kernel sources for the Redmi Note 10 Pro and other Redmi K40 Pro. 

In case you don’t know what a kernel source code is. It is one of the foundations of a growing aftermarket community. It allows developers to create abiding custom ROMs, kernels, and much more. To understand more briefly then every Android smartphone OEM is restricted by the General Public Licence V2, in order to candidly roll out the part of the Linux Kernel code they sent on their phones (Android). 

When it comes to fulfilling the mandatory task then each OEM has its different way. It depends on the wish of the maker. In some cases, the sources are being dropped on the first day when the smartphone launches while some might take weeks or even months to do the same task. 

In this marketplace there are no specific rules to follow, it’s just to release the source code you need an OEM within a few weeks of the device launch. These two models are amongst out-of-the-box smartphones that had already up with the kernel source code in December 2020. 

Moreover, the Android 11 update for the global Mi 10T-Lite was received in the last month of February’2021. That’s why Xiaomi is now with its launch of kernel sources for its newly launched smartphones to let the developers get timely opportunities for the new android version. 

In case, you are interested in looking into and reviewing the kernel source code then you can do it on Xiaomi’s GitHub repo by simply clicking on the link below. 

Mi 10T- Lite/ Mi 10i Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G Kernel Source Code

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