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Military top brass meet with PM for setting up theatre command’s key agenda

Being India’s first chief of defence staff (CDS), General Bipin Rawat referred to the restructuring of the military commands for the utilization of the resources by bringing together the jointness in operations. This involves the establishment of the theatre commands.

Well, India needs to develop its model of theaterisation in order to fight future battles which could include the creation of the three or four theatre commands for effective command and keeping control of the three services, and achieving national objectives.  Two experts said that integration will be in terms of strategy, execution, and abilities within the three services.

Being the senior-most military officer, Lieutenant General Satish Dua mentioned that setting up theatre commands is critical as the military has most services commanded handled by a solo adversary. He also mentioned, “Take the case of Pakistan. We have a total of seven commands taking care of the western neighbour. In my view, India needs to create three theatres — northern, western and southern — with tri-services assets to protect its interests,” he said. The northern and western theatres would take care of China and Pakistan, respectively.”

By setting up theatre commands for better utilization of resources, it is important to bring synergy within the armed forces and self-reliance in the defence sector. The key agenda of deliberation in the Combined Commanders’ Conference will be attended by PM Narendra Modi.

On 4th and 6th March in Kevadia, Gujarat, the Combined Commander’s Conference 2021 is scheduled. As the Defence Minister and top commander of the Indian Army, Air Force, and the Navy Rajnath Singh on 5th March and PM Narendra Modi will address it on 6th March.

An official mentioned, “Setting up a new ‘Air Defence Command’ and ‘Maritime Command’ will be discussed in detail. The timeline for implementation of ‘Air Defence Command’ will also be deliberated.”

A “Maritime Command” is required to stay focused on command for china and a separate “Air Defence Command” which is a part of the blueprint for the joint theatre commands which part of the major conducted within the armed force.

However, the “Air Defence Command” gathers all the resources of the Army, Air Force, and Navy and this will be led by the three-star Indian Air Force officer. Also, the ‘Maritime Command’ will include all the assets of the three services that have under a single command which is headed by a naval officer who is responsible for controlling all sea operations.

Gen Rawat has a mandate which will progressively bring together all services command within a single umbrella, as per the source information.

Right now there are 19 commands and out of which two are tri-service commands. This includes Andaman and Nicobar Command and Strategic Forces Command which is within the charge of nuclear assets.

At the time of the conference, the top officials in the defence ministry will be giving a presentation and highlight the areas of discussion that include self-reliance and others.

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