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Within the final episode of the Approved Financial institution PowerPulse podcast sequence, BizNews founder Alec Hogg is joined by Deerosh Maharaj, senior supervisor for natural sources, power and sustainable alternate choices on the Approved Financial institution PowerPulse platform; Paul Vermeulen, chief engineer of renewable power in the City of Johannesburg; and Hendrik Raedani, chief engineer of assorted and renewable power in the City of Ekurhuleni, to unpack solar PV installations for agencies which absorb was reliant on different power to mitigate load shedding. There are inputs into the regulatory and compliance components that agencies ought to be aware of sooner than they provoke a solar PV installation, along with the effects of no longer following the rules and procedures.

Deerosh Maharaj on the legislation that governs solar PVs for agencies

As a monetary institution, we’ve had to get shut to this and from the methodology we understand it, the general governing fragment of legislation is in point of fact the Electrical energy Legislation Act. On the other hand, the regulatory course of to be adopted for power period sources to be legally connected is grand extra advanced as it attracts focal point on frames of reference that favor to be complied with. Before everything, you’ve purchased the NERSA framework, which is made up of the NERSA licensing requirements.

That makes reference to the agenda two exemptions and also you furthermore absorb their rules and standards that favor to be complied with. On this deliver home, we’ve viewed the federal government has shifted to supporting decentralised power period and nowadays they’ve elevated that threshold from one megawatt to 100 megawatts. So, any arrangement beneath 100 megawatts no longer needs a NERSA license. On the other hand, there are the foundations and standards that [must be adhered to].

Secondly, you’ve purchased the grid codes that you will have to follow as effectively and that’s a total assorted physique of reference that ought to be adopted. Eventually, the collaboration and signal off from the utility you’re linking to. This ought to be adopted. Usually, there’s a connection settlement that must be concluded as effectively. So, in mountainous strokes, that’s what the regulatory ambiance appears to be like esteem.

On the assorted forms of installations which shall be permitted

You’ve purchased your grid tied systems, which shall be in actual fact a solar PV array and an inverter. In those conditions, those systems will provide power when the solar is radiant, however it completely doesn’t come up with a backup respond. If there would possibly maybe be load shedding, by methodology of what the grid code permits and the strategy inverters are configured, the arrangement shuts off as effectively, technically. You’ve furthermore purchased backup systems or hybrid systems, which absorb some ingredient of battery storage. In those systems, you are in a build to island the arrangement safely, so it is likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe aloof use your solar and batteries when there would possibly maybe be load shedding. Then you definately will absorb got off-grid systems, which have not got any link to the grid. 

With the off- grid arrangement, you’re fully self-reliant. On the other hand, there would possibly maybe be not any security salvage, and the prices are comparatively enormous if you’re going off the grid due to the battery storage is aloof comparatively an expensive enterprise. A backup arrangement is one thing that especially now with load shedding we’ve viewed challenges in supply. It’s turning into a increasingly viable respond to take in mind. You would possibly maybe possibly maybe maybe even be in general announcing you will have solar, however furthermore want four hours of backup. While very expensive, in most cases if you set the downtime charges, you are in a build to define it from a money-waft point of view.

The most simple arrangement from a money-waft point of view to define, is a outdated arrangement. On the other hand, you don’t absorb that backup functionality. So, when there would possibly maybe be load shedding, you are [still affected] even though you are going to absorb got solar. One other consideration is to feed relieve into the grid. Eskom permits you to monetary institution, however you’ve purchased to follow the course of, register and be determined the settlement is in build. You’re in general using the Eskom grid as your storage functionality. Hundreds of municipalities enable for that as effectively.  

Paul Vermeulen on what agencies ought to be aware of sooner than they provoke a solar PV installation

Before everything, the National Distribution Grid Code, a indispensable fragment of legislation, specifies that an end-particular person or a customer must characterize the network service provider of their procedure to connect any get of generating plant to the grid. The first disaster from our aspect is a security field and it in general applies to a tide inverter. It is miles a instrument that can maybe maybe bound in parallel with the grid. This equipment ought to be licensed by methodology of what we call NRS 097. It’s no longer most well-known however Eskom, as effectively as your whole municipalities, require adherence to that deliver specification. What that specification says is that the inverter equipment ought with a knowing to detect when the grid has gone dumb and prevent feeding power relieve in.

So, from our point of view, that can maybe maybe maybe unbiased be a key security disaster. We search data from that the inverter will have to absorb the aptitude to detect a dumb grid and proper now end feeding power relieve into the grid. It doesn’t must end supplying the local build, however it completely must for bound end feeding power relieve in. The 2d critical field which is why now we absorb got this legislation is that we favor to stop power quality points from coming up. What I point out by right here is that you’re connected to a network and your neighbours are connected to that identical network. When you occur to propose a arrangement that’s too mountainous, as an instance, it would possibly maybe possibly maybe maybe introduce over-voltage prerequisites, which would start to impress your neighbours. 

There must be an utility course of where you nearly us and inquire of to connect this deliver equipment or this dimension of kit at this point of your network. We then use that NRS 097 stick with [ascertain whether it fits] inner what they call the simplified connection standards. If it does, technically your arrangement appears to be like handsome, it is likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe now mosey ahead and set up it. And, genuinely, that identical specification furthermore stipulates that if your arrangement is greater than 350 kilowatts, it is likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe unbiased aloof plan a network observe to be determined those results are no longer going to occur on the network. 

Hendrik Raedani on the effects of no longer following the rules and procedures

If we give possibilities an different to register and they don’t, now we absorb got purchased the correct to disconnect power due to the those forms of systems are grid timely. This suggests that they need a voltage mosey from our grid as a mode to operate. So, if they don’t favor to apply to register their systems, we’ve purchased each proper to disconnect. The final time I checked the City of Cape Town, they went so some distance as giving possibilities a grace length for the next three months. When you occur to don’t register, we are going to shut and disconnect power. There are some fines imposed, practically 6,000.

As the City of Ekurhuleni, we are no longer at that point where we would favor to put in force it, due to the if you plan that, you are going to absorb got capability in-home to address the influx of registration. So as it is some distance now, there would possibly maybe be aloof ample time for people to register. What I no doubt absorb picked up is that most industrial possibilities plan register, as in opposition to residential possibilities due to the quite so much of the guys doing the installations are extra educated. They understand the rules; 80% to 90% of applications obtained are from industrial possibilities and their installers due to the they are extra decent, so they’ll push for registration with the council.

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