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Rahul Gandhi embarks on truck amble in US, engages in candid dialog with driver

Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, within the midst of his most standard seek the recommendation of with to the United States, took a truck tear with driver Taljinder Singh Vicky Gill from Washington to New York.

The two engaged in a candid dialog where the congress leader enquired relating to the challenges the Indian-starting up truck drivers faced within the United States. They further talked about similarities, differences within the working conditions of every India and The United States.

Gandhi had earlier shared the experience of a identical tear from Delhi to Chandigarh where he spoke to the truck drivers to admire the concerns that they were going thru.

Gandhi further build out the video of his 190 km tear on his reliable YouTube take care of

“Persevering with on my amble to listen to a vary of voices, I recently went on a 190 km ‘American Truck Yatra’ from Washington DC to New York. Mighty delight in my Truck Yatra from Delhi to Chandigarh right here in India, I loved a candid coronary heart-to-coronary heart dialog- this time centred all over the everyday lives of Indian-starting up Truck drivers in The United States,” he wrote within the video’s description.

“Became once happy to catch out that our brothers in The United States delight in stunning wages, and work in a procedure that’s centered on the ‘Driver’s comfort’. The hardworking Truck drivers’ community in India deserves a lifestyles of dignity too, and an inclusive vision that takes them forward is sure to delight in a clear cascading attain on the economy of our entire nation,” he further added.


All the design in which thru their tear, Gandhi neatly-known that the trucks within the United States were designed as per the needs and sumptuous of the driver, something that in step with him became once no longer being taken care of within the Indian autos.

The Congress leader also remarked that the truck drivers in India were struggling to rep ends meet, whereas their American counterparts were receiving first fee wages.

“Trucks in India delight in nothing to manufacture with the comfort of drivers and in comparability, with India, security within the US roads are grand better,” Gandhi stated.

“In comparison with India we delight in loads and drivers right here delight in anyplace between $8-10k (Rs. 8-10 lakhs) every month. There’s quite lots of work right here and folks that don’t delight in a chance to interrogate or spend money on a industry they might be able to decide to be a truck driver within the US. We are happy with our families within the US as truck drivers which is complicated to admire in India,” the driver, Taljinder Singh, responded to Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress occasion launched an announcement saying that there were quite lots of lessons that would be drawn from the American switch and integrated in India.

“There are many lessons we can plan from the American truck switch to plan a brand new vision for the truck switch right here in India. Indian truck drivers are the lifeline of our logistics and deserve a lifestyles of dignity too,” the assertion stated.

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