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Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs available for Pre-order starting at $1600

Australia– Samsung is back with a new set of exclusive televisions. This specifically includes the 8K QLED Neo that absolutely has an incredible price tag attached! Back in January, after debuting at CES, Samsung is putting all at an awestruck situation as people are highly loving the way it looks and comprises! 

This is quite similar with any new technology being expensive and setting up different gaps in the digital marketplace especially when it comes to giant televisions.

Samsung’s 8K Neo QLED. Sources: Internet

Here’s, the price of Samsung Neo QLED 8K 

From the past few years several 8K telly specifically on Australian shows certainly haven’t been cheap and had a good retailing price. You can easily see that the relatively normal mark is $20,000 the sum went even above that. 

The last 18 months LG was on the rise with an 88-inch 8k for around $60,000. While, Samsung also had a television series of 98 inches 8k for $99,000 around the same period.

Even Sony was also in the queue having an occasional $26,000 prize label for its 8k TV, but unfortunately broke with Ben Swolo memes. 

But recently in 2021 the Samsung company has come swinging with its amazingly designed new Neo QLED 8Ks. It is highly collecting appreciation with its high-tech advancements and features mean while having almost basil free design. And the shocking part is that even with so many specs, the price was lower than all of us expected.

The new release report says that the top 85-inch QN900A series costs around $13,999. Hence, while going further with Samsung’s recent foray into high-end projectors will surely come soon to the digital market. In addition, it’s big boi 4K Premiere is having a price tag of $11,000. 

But in case, you want to have your 8K a bit small and handy then you can surely go for 65 inches at a retail cost of $7,579. 

The Samsung series is of course not so cheap, but if we consider the high quality features then the price is quite competitive.

While to go with the healthy and cutting edge competition, last year witnessed the brands like Google and Apple lowering the price especially for their flagship devices and products as compared to last to last year. This made it possible for them to make good deals during the global pandemic and build a better user base.  

Check out what’s new you will find in Samsung’s 8Ks

The range is powered by a new light source which is Quantum Mini LED. Reconditioning the contrast and brighter colors.  You will see that the picture and graphic details are incredible, especially in a controlled showroom where the demo video was shot. 

Moreover, Samsung’s 2021  least expensive Neo QLED is the 55 inch, 4K resolution QN55QN85A at around $1600. It is now ready for preorder. Get there fast if you waited for it for a long time! 

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