The on-line has determined to collectively dunk on this red dress song video

I’m no longer certain if this is an even advertising blueprint or what, but this song video for Sarah Stamp’s Red Dress is making the rounds on the on-line and every person has understandably started dunking on it. When you see it you are going to at the moment realize why, because or no longer it’s completely one among the worst things I’ve ever seen/heard/skilled in my life.

Moreover, this feels imply. I produce no longer know who Sarah Stamp is but she no doubt doesn’t deserve the on-line wave that is come crashing down on her. If anything else, the truth she left the comments originate on the video existing she has extra braveness than the of us that stormed Normandy and I take care of her for that. And handiest that. Because, I imply, true see it. Is it a meta humorous memoir? Is she being true? Are we the punchline? I indubitably get so many questions and I produce no longer reflect I’m mentally willing for any of the solutions.

Shield going for the video. You must to want audio to completely fancy it. Adore just isn’t any longer comparatively the true be conscious. To completely…endure it.

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