This man spent five years building this world file domino robot

Designate Rober, the inclined NASA engineer who builds all these bundle thief glitter bombs, spent 5 years building this robot that sets up dominoes. Now now not supreme does it space up dominoes, but it sets up, savor, a range of them. It sounds as if a world file amount at 100k over 24 hours.

The robot is obviously excellent impressive and better than anything I poke to ever earn in my entire existence, I genuine wish the dominoes in actual fact linked and weren’t genuine extra than one unconnected rows that will per chance per chance calm be for my piece pushed. Can you basically call it 100k dominoes if it is vital to push savor a hundred rows to earn all the item down? It may per chance well per chance per chance per chance calm supreme basically rely if the complete thing may per chance per chance per chance also be knocked over with a single domino. And, sure, this quibble is coming from a man who couldn’t space up twenty dominoes with out by chance knocking them over and probably atmosphere the dwelling on fireplace.

Resolve going for the plump video.

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