Trump administration sued by 17 US states

In order to hinder the rule that will invalidate the visas of foreign students studying online in the US, the District of Columbia and 17 of the US states came into action. It sued the Trump administration which is not able to justify the base behind this rule.

The drawbacks of the rule are that it will invert the planning of various colleges and universities and compel students to return to their homes. The study pattern of the students will get disrupted by this.

It basically pushes schools and colleges to choose between their foreign students and the safety of the institutional campuses.

Maura Healey, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stated that the above rule violates the Administrative Procedure Act. The above has also been speculated as a politically driven attempt to push universities for in-person classes, even though it is well known that the classes are being conducted online. The action is filed in the US district court, Boston.

On a similar note, last week, California also filed a lawsuit to stumble the new baseless rule. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have also approached the court.

Foreign students obtaining their degrees entirely online can’t stay inside the US, Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued federal guidance regarding this which made the students rush for in-person classes that are not available.

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