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WeRehab Technologies Private Limited offers virtual reality-based Physiotherapy on online and offline platforms


Every year at least half a million orthopedic surgeries could be avoided if people resorted to early and efficient physiotherapy. This was the reason behind the formation of WeRehab technologies and they set out on a mission to change the ethos of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Vishwal Padole, the founder and CEO of WeRehab Technologies Private Limited with his team leverages his effort to provide virtual reality based Physiotherapy on both online and offline platforms.

Curalgia is a brand justifying wellness and health. “Cur” stands for Curing and ‘Algia’ for Pain. “Curing Pain at the click of a Button” is what they want to propagate. They are taking affordable telerehabilitation one step up. Curalgia is a brand under the company WeRehab Technologies Private Limited. The company was conceptualized and incorporated in 2020 in order to provide affordable physiotherapy and rehabilitation services from the comfort and safety of the home environment.

Vishwal Padole and his team combine science and technology in providing their services. Under Curalgia, they are building a platform for virtual reality-based physiotherapy which can be deployed both in offline clinic systems as well as online teleconsultation portals. The whole idea is to redefine the importance and CurAlgia would be providing solutions to the following problems faced by physiotherapists and their patients:

  • Current situation of COVID 19 has forced patients to stay indoors, thereby restricting their access to Physiotherapy clinics and institutions.
  • Telerehabilitation (physical therapy over video calls) is not seamless since the feedback for the physiotherapists to analyze the patients’ movements are not accurate
  • Physiotherapists need to watch and monitor patients’ movements to diagnose and analyses patient’s situations and pain points.
  • It is difficult for patients to provide feedback or to display the movements over a video call. Similarly, it is difficult for a physiotherapist to monitor the patient for efficient diagnosis.
  • Current equipment present in the market, needed for detailed analysis are expensive

Movement analyzers are not home-based and are also very expensive to be installed in smaller clinics and small scale medical institutions. Next to impossible for the demography of the urban middle class and upper-middle-class to purchase such equipment at home. In addition, the current equipment in the market consume considerable space learning curve to use such equipment is high for both physiotherapists and patients

CurAlgia provides a solution that combines the principles of Virtual reality (VR) gaming with Physiotherapy and making it more accessible to the patients. Using 2 smartphones with their app installed patients will be able to:

 A. Play exergames

 B. Record and upload the analysis of motion on the other for documentation and diagnosis purposes.

Physiotherapists will be able to access their patient’s history, document the patient’s progression as well. All of this will completely cut off the costs of the expensive sensors and travel. It will also save time for the patients as well as the Physiotherapists and it will also cut down the schedule mismanagement between the therapist and patients.

The company would be charging a subscription fee for physiotherapists and a consultation fee from the patients in order to generate revenues. The current conversions point out healthy unit economics and the customer lifetime values are quite high as compared to acquisition costs.

The team consists of Vishwal Padole, a physiotherapist by training (VSPM, Nagpur), Anay Badavne, the technology development head (Graduate, IIT Madras), and Sukanya Dikshit (Graduate, IIT Roorkee), the marketing and business development head. The team plans on on-boarding physiotherapists across the world to use their services and increase the impact on ‘GOOD HEALTH’ in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The company has the vision to launch a one-of-its-kind insurance program for accidental rehabilitation that needs future plans that include posture and gait training as early childhood programs to avoid posture-related deformities, for example, scoliosis, lordosis, etc.

You can reach Vishwal Padole at or write to WeRehab Technologies Private Limited at [email protected] or call at 8888843619 to know more.

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