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What kind of business strategy McDonald is using?

Right now an interesting debate or you can say a hot topic erupted over the fast-food giant McDonald’s campaigning strategy. Often the company has made use of clever marketing campaigns for driving people to those Golden Arches. This is now at the receiving end of irate consumers for blocking its menu for flashing ads at regular intervals.

YouTuber Gustav Johnson’s 2019 tweeted for drawing attention towards this strategy is now going viral. He mentioned, “Wow. McDonald’s now blocks out the entire menu to show an ad every minute or so. Great Design. Makes it real easy to order.” He even made an addition of a short video clip for supporting his sarcastic take on it.

However, the tweet is currently two years old, this gives rise to much banter on Reddit now. The user wrote, “They know the sense of urgency will make you order the items in the pictures (highest margin) without spending time to scrutinize the value. It’s a tactic. It’s supposed to disorient you and make it harder to compare prices and stick to your plan. Eventually, some people will give in and just get what’s advertised.”

Further confusing social media made users ask “Also, why are you advertising to customers already at your store?”

Currently, McDonald’s is in the news for another reason as well. However, this is all time good reason. This fast-food chain will now surprise fans by making an announcement of the collaboration with the popular K-Pop band, BTS. The humongous fanbase of this 7-member group was also thrilled for finding a newer “BTS Meal.”

Now, BTS meals will be soon available in 40 across the world. In India, Mumbai, and Delhi will be the first two cities to have it on their menu. As per the report in Variety, the menu has 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and medium coke along with sweet chili and Cajun dipping sauces.

The ‘BTS Army’ in India will soon get the taste of this fresh menu in the month of June this year. McDonald’s definitely known how to keep its menu in the limelight.

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