Institutional investors have increased their due diligence as a result of instances of financial irregularities and misconduct by startups. The subtleties of metrics at startups are discussed by Prime Venture Partners’ managing partners Amit Somani and Shripati Acharya.

Hello, BYJU’S is responding to a fire. Investors apparently received assurances from the edtech giant that it planned to deliver audited financial statements for the fiscal years 2022 and 2023 by September and December, respectively. This comes after BYJU’S appointed BDO as the statutory auditor in Deloitte’s place after the latter’s resignation.

However, there are reports that the current instability at the company—with important board members quitting, growing losses, pending loans, and layoffs—has decreased staff morale. Out of concern over sudden job losses, many people are now actively looking for alternate employment alternatives, according to Reuters.

As interim funding worth Rs 425 crore has received in-principle clearance from the creditors of the cash-strapped airlines, Go First may now breathe a sigh of relief. The infusion of cash is meant to assist in the airline’s resurrection and support daily operations. ICYMI: ‘Trash pizza’ is produced in one restaurant in San Francisco. Pizza at Shuggie is produced with repurposed ingredients like unattractive mushrooms, malformed peppers, discoloured tomatoes, and leftover meat.

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Startup guidelines
Startup guidelines

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Investors intensify their due diligence Investors have increased their due diligence and exercised their right to information and research as a result of recent events in the nation’s startup ecosystem. Early-stage businesses are subject to more scrutiny.  According to Rajat Agarwal, Managing Director of Matrix Partners India, “We now insist on a proper financial diligence to be completed before every material round of financing, regardless of whether a new incoming investor asks for it or not.”  increased scrutiny Sanjay Khan Nagra, a partner at Khaitan and Co., claims that investors are requesting limited due diligence in previously unheard-of numbers even before agreeing to a term sheet. Regular reporting is essential, according to CashKaro and EarnKaro co-founder Swati Bhargava, and “being transparent with investors builds trust and confidence.” The founder of a Series A edtech startup claims that having to give out performance reports on a quarterly basis takes time away from working on the development and growth of the company.


 How to measure startup metrics Metrics make it possible to make precise estimates and track the present state of the firm. The subtleties of metrics at startups are discussed by Prime Venture Partners’ managing partners Amit Somani and Shripati Acharya. key words TAM, or total addressable market, aids in comprehension of the market opportunity. Young startups are encouraged by Somani and Acharya to choose a bottoms-up model. Determine how “valuable” a customer is to the firm once they begin using the service or product is the goal of LTV (Customer Lifetime Value). Any customer who is retained in the present period as opposed to a comparable previous period is referred to as having undergone churn. Any new clients gained in the most recent quarter should not be accounted for in churn estimates.


utilising vegan, healthy beauty When Aakriti and Jayant Chhaparia made the decision to launch a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business to offer vegan goods, they observed a lack of domestic producers in the market. In order to white-label cosmetic items, they formed La Mior in 2019 and introduced their own internal brand in 2022. Vegan cosmetics: La Mior’s private label comprises 100 SKUs and offers vegan eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, highlighter, filter, foundation, moisturiser, and other cosmetics. The company’s makeup and beauty line is enhanced with superfoods that are obtained from all around the world. Its revenue for FY23 was Rs 9.6 crore. Currently, white labelling generates about 40% of La Mior’s earnings, with the remaining 60% coming from its private label.

Updates & News

• Rising prices: The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the global organisation that unites all central banks, urged for additional interest rate increases and warned that the world economy was now at a critical juncture as nations struggled to control inflation.

• increased interest: As a result of increased institutional interest in the first cryptocurrency, the price of Bitcoin soared to almost $31,400, its highest level since 2022. First time since April, it has been able to hold a trading value above $30,000. 

• Far away: According to a GE Aerospace poll, just about one-third of aviation sustainability officers are confident that airlines would achieve their net zero goal by 2050. Aviation produces 2% to 3% of worldwide carbon emissions, but its share is expected to grow as travel increases and other industries become greener.

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