BESTIU – Fighting Corona Virus with Innovation – A Ray of Hope

Bangalore: The world is going through tough times with the spread of COVID-19 (The Novel Corona Virus) which was claimed more than 150,000+ Lives globally. The Virus is very contagious and it is analogous to the Asian FLU in the 1960s which resulted in 2 Million+ people losing their lives. The WHO has declared it a world-wide Pandemic and every nation is fighting it in their way as exports and travel are at an all-time low. a few say its a scheme to bring down world economy & some believe that it is the mother nature that is healing itself.

India has been a pioneer in putting up a tough fight against the deadly virus by imposing lockdown for the longest period anywhere reported. Despite the efforts, the virus has impacted in 450+ Deaths. The pandemic has affected the wealthy to the indigent and it has exposed the lack of essential amenities and more than anything it has uncovered the spirit of togetherness where heroes have surged above all differences to protect the idea of Unity in diversity which truly defines India.

There are a considerable amount of examples of how individuals and entities are fighting COVID-19. One such example is ‘Bharatiya Engineering Science and Technology Innovation University‘ better known as BESTIU which is based out of the drought-hit region Ananthapur in heart of Rayalaseema in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The institution since its inception has brought about a change in the dynamics of how learning is delivered. Every stakeholder from the Chancellor to the faculties & Students are always on their toes to innovate & develop sustainable ideas that can benefit the environment from the high-rises to huts in every corner of the world.

Under the guidance of one the most successful & respected bureaucrat Shree Bharat Lal Meena (IAS R), BESTIU has been very ahead in creating a one-of-a-kind ICT enabled Campus where students & staff are exposed to the best of technology from day one they step in the campus. From local wifi to a full-fledged ERP System to manage the operations with limited use of paper and an in-house custom developed Learning Management System which helps in the transition of learning materials such as ebooks, videos, presentations, Question banks, assignments, and much more.

In its fight against Corona Virus BESTIU from day 1 of the lockdown has been conducting online classes using its pre-established infrastructure and innovative Ideas & tools to deliver the learning seamlessly. The students are also engaged through fun sessions remotely which helps them in discovering their talent, understand social causes, & relaxing at the same time. Furthermore, the students & staff have come together in preparing Facemasks at home and distributing it across towns & villages in South India. They are very submissively feeding the poor, needy & animals and also supporting the frontline fighters such as Police, military, sanitation staff, hospitals with free sanitizers. The management has been compassionate toward the students’ community and has announced a scholarship of up to 1.4 Lakhs INR and also declared that the exam fee for its entrance test will be 0 INR and also any new student registration fee will be refundable until the lockdown is in place.

This is one such ‘Ray of Hope‘ which has shown the light in the darkness to the world and takes pride to be an Indian and a global citizen.

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