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FEATURE STORY Evolving Startups 2022 : ZunRoof | Agnikul | ToneTag | SmartE | Riskcovry

Story of ZunRoof

ZunRoof aims to better, simplify, and lower the cost of personal energy use. The team investigated every Indian consumer’s daily energy requirements in order to accomplish that aim. For developing next-generation energy technologies, ZunRoof offers solar energy and IoT intelligent energy solutions.

ZunRoof offers three different product lines: first, machine learning-enabled on-grid solar solutions; second, off-grid solar solutions for people who need to store solar energy for use when there is no electricity; and third, cutting-edge IoT technology that enables customers to monitor and conserve energy as they use cutting-edge home technologies. Modern applications and RMS service are combined with their on-grid solar solution to show solar consumers how to use the sun’s energy. The top engineers in the nation created these services with the goal of continuously giving clients and their business partners better solutions.

Story of Agnikul

Agnikul Cosmos was founded on the idea that getting to space should not be the most challenging part of being a space-faring species. They enable quick and affordable space access through their launch on-demand vehicle: Agniban. Agniban can carry 30-300 kgs to low earth orbit.

A launch-on-demand orbital-class rocket with a 100kg payload capacity for Low Earth Orbit is being constructed at Agnikul. Their two stage rocket, called Agnibaan, is propelled by semi-cryogenic engines operated by electric motors. They intend to create a rocket that can be completely customised to meet the requirements of the user. They provide a substantial amount of cost & time-to-launch flexibility for tiny satellites since their rockets are constructed especially for each customer.

“Agnikul” is a derivative of the Sanskrit word – “Gurukul” and it could be interpreted to mean “a place where people learn to use fire”.

Agnikul are a group of enthusiasts, rocket scientists, engineers, programmers, lawyers, and more – all of us just love enabling space accessible to everyone!

Story of Tone Tag

Mobile payment is a real phenomenon that is now in use. The goal of Kumar Abhishek and Vivek K. Singh is to revolutionise mobile payments by creating a system that enables contactless, secure payments using regular mobile handsets without any additional fees or technological prerequisites. To enable wallet-based, direct bank debit, card on file or card present (HCE), UPI and BQR mobile payments, ToneTag is provided as a software library that may be integrated with an existing mobile application or current banking channel. This makes it possible for any consumer, using any phone and any mobile wallet or banking application, to utilise their phone to make payments that are simple, quick, and safe. The product ToneTag accelerates our transition to a cashless society.

To allow seamless device-to-device and human-to-device communication, ToneTag leverages the power of sound. It is now the biggest soundwave communication technology platform in the world and allows for proximity consumer interaction services and payments on any device, regardless of the instrument or the infrastructure.

Story of SmartE

Tens of thousands of commuters each day may connect to SmartE, the first and largest electric mobility service in India. SmartE, which was founded in 2015, offers a first- and last-mile transportation option that is ecologically friendly. SmartE provides all-electric transportation that are economical, convenient, and shareable. To offer the most practical, open, and cost-effective short-distance travel option, SmartE makes use of cutting-edge technology and creative mobile technology platform solutions.

Modern technology are used in SmartE’s cars with an emphasis on the safety, comfort, and affordability of the rider. With fares starting at only Rs 10, economic viability, zero emissions of dangerous pollutants, and extensive coverage in and around metro and bus stations, residential communities, business centres, etc., SmartE has established itself as a highly regarded, practical, and effective commuting choice. With built-in GPS tracking, sensors, a route optimizer, analytics, etc., its cars actually have a certain level of intelligence.

Story of Riskcovry

With ready-made connections with insurers, product integrations, technological platforms, workflows, and regulatory requirements, they provide a full insurance-in-a-box solution.

By unbundling complicated insurance products from the Life, General, and Health categories to better fit a distribution partner’s consumer base, the product sachet is a unique co-creation of more minor variants (either premium amount, coverage, or duration). Across demographics, this changing insurance buying habit is becoming more and more popular. Riskcovry supports end-to-end omnichannel digital buying journeys and assists with product suggestion and pricing discovery.

Riskcovry’s technological platform uses APIs, which makes it easier for insurance firms to provide their products to distributors. Distributors, in turn, discover it simple to connect with a larger group of customers.

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