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Find out the best Blockchain Startups of 2021

Blockchain is referred to as a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which helps in making the history of the digital asset unalterable and transparent by making use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.

More than Google Docs, blockchain is highly complicated. It is an analogy that illustrates the idea of technology. Basically, it is a revolutionary and promising technology that is used for reducing risk and fraud as well as improves transparency in a scaleable manner. Blockchain includes three important concepts those are blocks, miners, and nodes.

Some of the well-known Blockchain Startups of 2021 are-


In the blockchain and bitcoin sector, Eligma has brought a revolutionary change. The company is setting a new standard for bitcoin in the blockchain industry. Additionally, it is the power behind Slovenia’s latest Bitcoin City project.

Eligma’s main motive is to use blockchain technology for establishing communication standards for crypto payment. The company was funded with $17.4M from

Mythical Games

Right now in the gaming industry, the Mythical Games studio has reached a new benchmark through blockchain-based games. Currently, the company is targeting to bring game developers as well as content creators quite closer to the game they love. Mythical Game studio has a team of veteran game and platform experts who leverages their experience expertise in creating world-class products. It helps the consumers in adopting the distributed ledger technology through the games.   The company received a $35M fund from Javelin Ventures.

Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs is a well-known company that deals with Cryptokitties. This is a gaming company which develops game powered by cryptocurrency. Further, it not only develops games but also plays a role to create blockchain a reality. Moreover, there are only a few people like gamers, early adopters, and innovators who are mending with the blockchain. For making it successful, it is important for the common people to adopt this technology. The company is funded with $38.9M from Andreessen Horowitz

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