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Learn about the top 6 healthcare Startups of 2021

In most countries, the healthcare sector is growing rapidly when it comes to revenue and market share. Notably, the growing market has seen a continuous rise in health-tech startups in most countries. Mostly these startups are catering to various healthcare segments, helps in booking appointments, sell medicines online, and operates as a commercialized unit of ventures.

Further, it is important to look at some of the prospering, promising, and growing health startups. Let’s take a look at some of the best startups.


NuvoAir is a well-known go-to platform highly for the respiratory health of individuals like young and old alike. Notably, the data is automatic, transferred to the user’s mobile app permitting him/her as well as the doctor to take up relevant decisions. The company provides even medical care based on accurate data.

The platform is highly designed after extensive patient research and insights from pulmonologists as well as researchers. Moreover, it aims to empower patients and caregivers around the world. The company was funded with $5.2million from Industrifonden.


Well, iRise Mechanics is a high working next-generation technology that includes bots, AI systems highly for health improvement and safety. The company is now in the process of developing robotic mobility devices in order to help people with limb infirmities. Undoubtedly, these robotic hands run through software and benefit the users in managing daily tasks effortlessly.

iRise Mechanics is making a better quality of life for disabled people healthy and safe. By working on next-generation technologies involves intelligent bots, AI System for the improvement and safe health. Now, the company has developed robotic mobility devices for benefiting people the limb disabilities. The company was funded $332k by Deutsche Bank.


Kindbody has come up with an end-to-end fertility care solution. Moreover, it serves female care services from standard gynecological care for conception, nutrition and mental wellness, and others.

Kindbody even transfigured the field of medical science, helping the users to provide expert treatment with complete ease. Notably, they offer services like intrauterine insemination, embryo freezing, and donor support for improving the overall health and wellbeing of women. The company is funded with $31.3million by GV.


Zenyum primary motive is to benefit the individuals by bringing their confident smiles. Well, the startup offers 3D-printed invisible braces to the patients. This will help in getting the braces sent right to the home. The 3D-printer braces are highly customized to suit the face orientation.

Zenyum is basically a product developed by local orthodontists and experienced entrepreneurs. Currently, the company has raised significant funding from investors and other companies in the tech space and healthcare. The company is funded with $15.1million by RTP Global.


NeuroFlow is a digital health application tracks assessed and managed by mental wellbeing through an easy tool. The company tools support the journey for holistic wellbeing. As it is a healthcare tool, there is a need for doctors written not to get its subscription.

Its HIPPA-compliant platform keeps track and engages patients through a suite of tools, behavioral health integration, and remote monitoring. The company was funded with $11million by Builders VC.


In the healthcare industry, Lenscope makes lens replacement easier. By using Lenscope you can order lenses online and get those delivered to the doorstep. Lenscope helps in ordering the glasses online and get the lens delivered at home. Further, Lenscape also helps in repairing glasses. Lenscope team helps in picking up from the house and get them delivered after the repairmen. Currently, it is available in Brazi but the company is planning to expand its services in other countries soon.  Right now they didn’t charge any delivery and collection cost. Here only you need to pay the value of the frame and lens. The company received funding of $1M.

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