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Reaching billions of people: Facebook will help you book a Covid vaccine

One of the most popular social media platforms “Facebook”, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp, is up with its new and exclusive way of sharing and spreading information to let people have safe and seamless vaccinations, and a smooth covid vaccine drive all over the globe. 

On Monday, it announced that it will use its platform to help assist users in learning more about Covid-19 vaccines, inclusive of where and when to get vaccinated. How to grab opportunities and to make the world a better and tech-friendly place to live- we should learn from Facebook! 

Interface of COVID-19 Information Center. Sources: Internet

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO wrote in one of the prepared remarks posted to the social media platform on Monday- “Not that many countries are moving forward towards vaccinations for all adults, we are working on tools to make it easier for everyone to get vaccinated as well”. 

And by that time, It has announced that it’s launching a tool that will manifest “when and where you can get vaccinated” for Covid-19. It will offer you a link to help you make an appointment then and there. The Covid-19 Information Center will feature this update. It is arriving soon when the US and other countries will commence the vaccination drive for adults. 

“The aim is to help bring 50 million people a step closer to getting COVID-19 vaccines.”

-Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

It has been also stated that the Covid-19 Information Center will also be featured on Instagram. He also added that we are also working with health authorities and governments to expand their Whatsapp chatbots to help people register seamlessly for vaccines. 

Finally, Facebook unveiled plans to make vaccination trends, like a wave of intent to get vaccinated without any fear or hesitancy. It wants to make sure to remove the worries out of people’s minds and to spread positivity that it’s safe and easy to get vaccinated through your go-to platform “Facebook”. You will also experience updates, data insights on vaccine attitudes on its map, and dashboard, available on Facebook’s “Data for Good” dashboard. 

It’s not only going to help people all around the world. But even journalists, aid, and health-organizations, public officials will be able to track how vaccine information is spread on social media through CrowdTangle’s COVID-19 Live Displays.
Recently, USA Today recorded about 21 percent of people in the US have received at least one vaccine shot, and around 11 percent are fully vaccinated. US President Joe Biden said while revealing an aspiring plan to immunize the rest in time for the July 4th Independence day celebrations. He also stated that facebook’s new tools and ways such as vaccination booking links and interfaces could help in that regard immensely, especially for those who get more of their information from the web.

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