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How Airshed assists in controlling air pollution?

Bangalore- Dhirendra Singh is Managing Director of Airshed Planning Professionals Private Limited has come up with the best air pollution control solution. He and his team at Airshed (incorporated in 2017) works exclusively in air pollution instruments, consulting, and Biotechnology. The company has developed a state-of-the-art condom leakage testing machine with 99% accuracy (patent pending), which is surpassing ISO and only dry testing machine across the globe. The company has also obtained a high volume slit for PM2.5 measurement technology license from IIT Kanpur and developing a commercial machine for air quality sampling. It has also developed air monitoring systems for hospitals, offices, schools, smart cities, construction sites.

Air pollution has emerged as a major challenge, particularly in urban areas where it has become more complex due to the multiplicity and complexity of air polluting source mix (such as industries, automobiles, generator sets, domestic fuel burning, roadside dust, construction activities). Also, Climate change is recognized as a significant manmade global environmental challenge and it will continue to influence the world for generations to come. Increasingly, companies are making efforts to go beyond environmental compliance and understand and manage their GHG opportunities and risks to ensure long-term success in a competitive business environment. Sustainability concerns are also significant for businesses affecting the bottom line.

Airshed work as a Business Enablers transforming businesses into value innovating entities. It offers an extensive range of advisory and capacity building services designed and executed by Dhirendra Singh and his teams of experts catering to your organization’s interests and strategic objectives.

Airshed comprehensive array of services enables the organization to add value and gain a competitive advantage ensuring greater levels of success. It helps develop an ecosystem wherein businesses could thrive keeping in pace with rapidly changing market conditions. Airshed Planning Professionals Private Limited’s objective is to offer services that are not only regulatory compliant but also appropriate and cost-effective.

Airshed works exclusively to provide air-related environmental services as well as advisory in climate change which include source apportionment, air pollutant emission inventory, GHG emission inventory, Carbon Neutrality Strategy Development, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Source Monitoring, Consulting/permitting, Air Pollution Dispersion Modelling and Air Toxics Risk Assessment. It provides monitoring solutions for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Source Monitoring, and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring.

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