IVY Growth Associates: Providing Detailed Support and Mentorship to Bridge the Gap between Startups and Investors

In an exclusive conversation, Mr. Sharad Todi, co-founder of IVY Growth Associates, spoke with CXOToday.  

1. Would you kindly provide us a quick overview of IVY Growth Associates, its area of expertise, and the services it provides?

An important participant in India’s startup fundraising scene is IVY Growth, a Surat-based angel network. By selecting investment opportunities and providing cash, our main responsibility is to close the funding gap between investors and promising entrepreneurs. We provide a variety of services to help startups along the way. First and foremost, we assist with financing by connecting entrepreneurs with possible investors from our vast network of angel investors. Additionally, we help with deal terms formulation, pitch deck creation, and investor introductions. Additionally, we assist entrepreneurs in obtaining funds through the Startup India Scheme and other government funding possibilities. Our team works closely with startups to comprehend their particular needs and to offer tailored advice and mentoring. We assist entrepreneurs in navigating the complexity of the fundraising ecosystem and raising their chances of success thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

2. What is IVY Growth Associates’ objective, and how do you set yourselves apart from other investment platforms?

The way IVY Growth sets itself apart in the crowded startup finance market is by encouraging teamwork and providing special value propositions to investors and businesses. Even though there may be some competition in the business, we favour developing long-lasting partnerships with all of our stakeholders. We also place a high priority on fostering an ecosystem of support for companies by providing direction, mentorship, and help along the way. Since we are aware that startups need more than simply financial backing, we concentrate on offering value-added services including deal structuring, the creation of pitch decks, and introductions to potential investors. This comprehensive approach sets us apart and helps us attract startups seeking not just funding but also strategic guidance and support.

Recent Survey Shows 11% Of India's Startups Are Willing To Move Abroad
Recent Survey Shows 11% Of India’s Startups Are Willing To Move Abroad

3. How do you go about serving the interests of investors, startups, and syndicators? What standards do you employ to determine whether a startup is viable?

Ans. We receive a lot of deal flow thanks to our strong network of angel investors, and we carefully choose which firms to introduce to our investor network. Our area of expertise is aiding entrepreneurs from beginning to end, from assisting with the creation of their pitch decks to making introductions to possible investors. We also help entrepreneurs qualify for government grants and raise money through the Startup India Scheme. IVY Growth has established itself as a significant contributor to India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem because to our commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating investment.

4. Can you describe your investing process in detail, starting with initial due diligence and ending with a final investment choice?

Ans.At IVY Growth, part of the investment process entails evaluating the founder-market fit and product-market fit of potential firms. To decide whether a company meets our investment criteria, we evaluate its founders’ competence, market demand, competitive environment, and consumer feedback. The financials, scalability, team relationships, and regulatory compliance are all examined. Our investment committee then reviews the findings and renders a judgement based on the startup’s potential and compatibility with our investment strategy. In order to create value for our investors and foster the expansion of the businesses we invest in, it is our mission to recognise promising entrepreneurs and make wise investment choices.

5. What difficulties do you think early-stage businesses today face the most, and how do you assist the businesses you invest in in overcoming those difficulties?

The development of a workable and scalable business model is difficult for many early-stage enterprises. To assist the businesses we invest in in overcoming these obstacles, we at IVY Growth offer support and direction. We carefully collaborate with company owners to assess their business models, pinpoint opportunities for development, and offer strategic counsel on monetization tactics, pricing strategies, and customer acquisition tactics. Our knowledgeable staff and network of mentors give crucial knowledge and experience to help businesses improve their business models and make the required changes to achieve long-term success.

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