Malware creators used Facebook ads to trick users into downloading this fake Clubhouse app for Windows

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 4 | Issue Month:April | Issue Year:2021

The social audio and invite-only application that took the world by storm last year during the global pandemic, has witnessed its share of contention. These involve researchers finding the application exposing raw audio to other Chinese servers, users discovering there is no easy way to delete their accounts permanently. 

It has now seen that hackers are using it for the wrong means, and spreading fake Clubhouse applications for PC through fake ads on Facebook and making users to download them. 

With the ongoing popularity and recent controversy of a data breach of personal information of Clubhouse users, hackers have been busy taking advantage of the platform. They claim it as an application for PC and then promote those advertisements on Facebook to get people to download and install the app, reported by TechCrunch. 

Sources say, the app, unfortunately, contains links to web pages that masqueraded as the official Clubhouse website and offered fake means- “install the latest Clubhouse app for windows”. The moment the user will install the app from the link, the malware will enter their system, risking their personal information and data. 

Moreover, the site also consists of a screenshot of the nonexistent Clubhouse application for PCs, as reflected by the malware originators. Once the user will install, it contacts a “command and control” server to perform several tasks. 

As per the recent report, running the application inside a secure “sandbox” revealed that the application attempts to infect a computer with ransomware. 

But recently, it has been seen that the servers and links to the fake applications are now offline, but still, you need to be careful. As a personal tip, avoid clicking the links to software that you receive via emails or any advertisements. Do basic research about the application you wanted to install, move further via an official link. Remember, Clubhouse is only available on iOS, and running on iPhones, so to date, there’s no version that came for windows. 

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