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Protect your business from cyberattacks with Confluera’s solution

In 2021, cyberattacks have turned out to be a threat for most businesses and organizations. This kind of attack makes the enterprise pay huge fines and cripples their business. However, there are too many threats out there that are difficult to ignore. Thus, most companies are looking out for a robust security solution to bring an end to cyberattacks.

For every organization, Cybersecurity has become an essential part of the business and organization. So, an effective and sophisticated cybersecurity solution can help you in saving your business and millions of dollars.

Abhijit Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder of Confluera

To help the organization with the best solution, Abhijit Ghosh has come up with the best cybersecurity solution Confluera. This solution is capable of preventing any kind of security breaches and data loss from multi-stage cyberattacks which is rolling across the network.

Confluera XDR is efficiently designed to keep track of every activity in the infrastructure so that there remains no chance of missing out on any threat that is rolling out. However, Confluera’s unique causality-driven tactics support accurately detecting and responding to breaches in real-time without creating an impact on the business.

Confluera is the believer in real-time incident response and containments. Confluera believes in providing a real-time response through the elimination of manual investigation. In the recent world, the manual investigation takes almost hours to detect. In this scenario, the security team can investigate and adopt measures to stop wide attacks.

Abhijit Ghosh and his team leveraged their years of experience in creating Confluera XDR. Confluera XDR automation minimizes the response time and provides the complete attack narratives in real-time which bring changes in the whole game. Confluera XDR’s autonomous investigation saves around 90% of the human efforts from the incident response team and this enhances the productivity along with the margins.

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