Discover the effects of successful Indian firms, such as Zomato, Freshworks, and Ola, on the US market. Find out the novel approaches they used and the lessons they took away from their success, and find out how your firm may succeed in the cutthroat US market.

Key Takeaways 

• Indian companies’ success in the US can be attributed to their renown for being very imaginative and adaptable, as well as their willingness to take chances and try new things.

• A number of Indian companies, such as Ola, Freshworks, Zomato, InMobi, Hike, and CleverTap, have established themselves in the US by going global and setting up shop in significant US locations in order to draw in and keep top talent.

• The ability of Indian entrepreneurs to form solid alliances with regional companies and organisations has contributed to their success in the US by giving them access to capital and other resources as well as helpful market knowledge.

India has become a significant player in the global startup ecosystem, where an increasing number of innovative businesses are upending established markets and addressing societal issues. A large number of these startups have opened offices outside of India, especially in the United States. Startups in India are known for being extremely inventive and flexible. Since they frequently take chances and are open to trying new things, they have been able to develop original solutions to some of the most important issues affecting American businesses and consumers.

We examine some of the success stories of Indian entrepreneurs in the US in this article, along with the lessons that may be drawn from them. We look at the difficulties they encountered, the tactics they used, and the effects they had on the US market.

In the US, the following Indian startups have achieved success:

The ride-sharing service Ola Cabs was established in India and has since spread to many nations, including the US. Ola began a test programme in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to break into the US market. Since then, it has grown to include states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Freshworks: Customer engagement solutions are offered by Freshworks, a cloud-based software as a service provider. With offices in the US, Europe, and Asia since its founding in India in 2010, Freshworks has grown internationally.

Zomato: Originally from India, Zomato is an online restaurant search engine that has since grown to include the United States and more than 23 other nations. Zomato has offices across the United States, including New York and San Francisco.

InMobi: With headquarters in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, InMobi is an Indian mobile advertising startup. Through mobile advertising, InMobi’s platform enables marketers to connect with and engage with their target market.

Hike: A texting service called Hike was created in India and is now being used in the US. In 2015, it acquired the US-based provider of free voice calls, Zip Phones. It has more than 100 million users and enables users to transmit messages, stickers, and multimedia content internationally.

CleverTap: A mobile marketing platform that is gaining popularity across the globe, particularly in the US. Its main office is in Mountain View, California. Businesses may interact with their customers through tailored messaging and marketing campaigns thanks to CleverTap’s platform.

The capacity of Indian entrepreneurs to draw in and keep elite people is a crucial component of their success in the US. In order to access the talented workforce of competent engineers, designers, and marketers, many Indian businesses have established offices in significant US cities like San Francisco and New York. 

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