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To find: Kerala man holds onto dear existence, sits on a tree to flee wild elephants

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 9 | Issue Month:September | Issue Year:2022

You are alone, walking alongside a hillside note and are all straight away being charged by a herd of wild elephants. The kind of jam is extra than ample to create most folk’s coronary heart stay. However, a particular person from Chinnakanal village in Kerala’s scenic and hilly Idukki district maintained his composure and presence of mind to now not superb fracture out, nevertheless also climb onto and remain atop a nearby eucalyptus tree for added than an hour and a half. 

Saji, the 40-yr-oldschool man was as soon as walking to his agricultural land when he came up shut to the elephant herd. When a tusker in the herd charged at him, he ran to the security of a nearby grassy tract and climbed atop what gave the look of a eucalyptus tree. 

Videos of the incident screen that the elephant herd was as soon as barely few meters away from the tree and Saji was as soon as looking out at them from atop. Whereas Saji held on to the tree for added than 90 minutes, villagers and wooded discipline employees managed to shuffle away the herd by bursting firecrackers and screaming loudly. 

In accordance with Saji, he lived a transient distance downhill from the jam the place the elephants chased him from. He also added that there enjoy been three elephants in the herd and two baby elephants. Extraordinarily protecting of their small ones, elephants tend to acquire provoked and agitated when approached in the presence of their infants. 


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