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Tokyo Olympics: Silver medallist Mirabai Chanu’s special Olympic earrings stole the show

Manipuris, 26,’s eventful five-year journey culminated in a heroic performance on the world’s biggest stage. It was all the more memorable because Mirabai’s rise came from a modest economic background and overcame obstacles along the way. Her journey to Rio 2016, where she recorded three lifts and a clean sweep for Tokyo silver in a spectacular turnaround, reflected her evolution from a teenager idolised by world and Asian champion Kunjarani Devi in her Manipur state to Olympic medallist Mirabai Chanu.

Many relatives and friends were present at Meerass’s house to see her make history in Tokyo. Mirabai advanced to the rings final with an earring in the shape of five Olympic rings. Her dance for the silver medal made national headlines, but her earrings didn’t let anyone speak to the network.

Mirabai (left) with silver, Hou Jihui (China) with gold and Cantica Windy with bronze. Limca book of record holder Dharmendra Agarwal mentions that today is the date when Pani Puri of Bikaner Mirabai celebrated his silver medal. Karnam Malleswari won the bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Meera said in an interview with the BBC that she likes actor Salman Khan. ‘I just want to thank my coach Vijay Sharma (from left) and Sir for the win.

Actor Anushka Sharma was full of praise for Olympic gold medalist Mirabai Chanu’s special earrings and the meaning behind the earrings. I love that they are beautiful and have meaning behind them.

Mirabai Chanu opened the national account with her silver medal win in weightlifting to 49kg at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday. Olympic champion Mirabai Chanus, who won silver for India at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday, made the nation proud. The 24-year-old opened India’s medal count at Tokyo 2020 by ranking second in the 49kg category and becoming the first Indian athlete to win a silver medal in weightlifting at the Games.

Mirabai Chanu ended India’s 21-year wait for a weightlifting medal at the 2020 Olympics. The 24-year-old made India proud by winning an historic silver medal in the women’s 49kg weightlifting category. Chanu’s Tokyo 2020 silver helped her bury the spirit of the previous Olympics in Brazil, where she failed in all three clean and jerk attempts.

In a letter of thanks to Mirabai Chanu, silver medallist at the Tokyo Olympics, legendary Abhinav Bindra said Friday that the incredible performance of India’s weightlifters will serve as a small reminder of joy at a time when the country is struggling with the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Bindra, who has long been a friend of the country, said Chanu’s achievements will inspire a generation of Indians, and Tokyo Olympics silver medalist Chanu ended India’s 21-year wait for a medal in weightlifting at the Games on Saturday when she opened India’s account on the first day of competition in the Japanese capital. Chanu is a talented weightlifter who has established herself at the top of the sport and is one of the favourites for India’s first ever Olympic medal.

An historic silver medal and a beaming smile were not the only eye-catching items for Mirabai Chanu on Saturday in Tokyo, but her gold earrings in the shape of Olympic rings were an eye-catching gift from her mother who sold her own jewelry five years ago. At the same time Anushka Sharma was crazy about her at the Games, but at the same time her heart fell for Olympic earrings. Not so at the Rio 2016 Games, where Chanu made small sacrifices to count a silver medal at the morning in Tokyo but Saikhom Ongbi and Tombi Leima struggled to stop their tears.

The netizens were quick to notice Chanus earrings and showered her with praise. Not only netizens but also actress Anushka Sharma admired the Indian athlete Mirabai Chanu and the earrings became an instant hit on social media. In her Instagram story, the actress referred to Chanu as a beauty and made special mention of her Olympic ring earrings.

Mirabai Khanu’s special Olympic ring earrings have gone viral on the internet. In her second post, she shared that her earrings were the talk of the town. Social media was filled with photos from the Olympics and congratulatory messages for the Olympic silver medallist.

Mirabai went about her business with much more confidence, starting at 85kg and raising it to 88kg in her second fight. Enthusiasm and zeal drove her to the ultimate goal of 210kg. Mirabai knew a lift of 210 would put her on the podium and make her a gold medalist in Tokyo 2020. 

The Chinese opponent was not quite as high and only missed the Olympic record by a few seconds. The lift the 26-year-old from Manipur took was the appearance of the 2016 Games, when he failed to record a solitary lift. It banished the spirit of 2016 when he failed to record even a single legitimate lift.

Margaret MacNeil wins Canada’s first gold medal in the women’s 100m butterfly pool at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on July 26. A confident smile never left her face as she ended India’s two-decade wait at the Olympics for a weightlifting medal and five years after her disastrous debut won the silver medal in the 49kg category.

It was the first time India had won a medal on the opening day of the competition. Her historic triumph secured India’s second medal in a short space of time, a feat the country had never achieved before.

Her earrings were a gift to Mira’s mother Tombi Lima after she sold her jewellery at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Mira lifted a total of 202kg (87kg x 115kg) to Karnam Malleswari’s bronze at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Mira brought back something that hadn’t happened at the 2016 Rio Games, and made a small sacrifice to count in Tokyo. 

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