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Xiaomi to use ISRO’s NavIC technology

Xiaomi has collaborated with ISRO to bring the space agency’s Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System “NavIC technology” to its smartphones. The announcement was made by Xiaomi Global VP and MD Manu Jain. Xiaomi is the only smartphone brand to have worked with ISRO to bring tech that has been developed in the country to the fore, so far.  NavIC technology in Xiaomi: Many of the smartphones Xiaomi that are to be launched across multiple price points will support Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) technology. Navic was initially supported only on some Snapdragon chipsets. The capability has been currently enabled by Qualcomm Technologies on several of its Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms. This facility will be made available across multiple Xiaomi smartphones in India in 2020. The move by Xiaomi is a step further towards the Make in India initiative. Xiaomi India has enabled the usage of NavIC technology across several of its devices in 2020.  Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC): NacIC technology is a regional geo-positioning system designed by ISRO to provide accurate positioning in India and 1,500km around the Indian mainland. The system comprises of 7 satellites, three of which are in a geostationary orbit over the Indian Ocean and four that are in a geosynchronous orbit. The NavIC will be accurate up to 5m, which much more efficient than GPS, which is said to be accurate up to 20 to 30 meters.

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