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Cabinet approves 2020 Pesticides Management Bill

The Union Cabinet approved Pesticides Management Bill, 2020 on 12 February. The move comes as the pesticide business is regulated by 1968 rules which have become age-old and need immediate rewriting. Bill provision:  The Bill aims to regulate the business of pesticides and compensate farmers in case of losses from the usage of spurious agro-chemicals. The Bill will protect the interest of farmers and ensure they get safe and effective pesticides. As per the Bill, the farmer will not get spurious pesticides.  It will empower farmers to get all information as the data would be in open source and in all languages.  The bill aims to promote organic pesticides. The farmers will know about the strength and weaknesses of pesticides, the risk, and alternatives and this will be open data in digital format also. ♦ The farmers will essentially get the information from the dealers selling pesticides.

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