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Biden stated: Two Women Generals To Lead Military Commands

WASHINGTON- On Monday 8th March, President Joe Biden nominated two women to lead the nation’s Military Commands, who will be the second and third women in the auspicious history of the United States Armed Forces to lead Combatant Commands. 

The first woman nomination is US Air Force General Jacqueline Van Ovost, who is the only woman in forces to have reached the rank of four-star officer, and now among the ones to head Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM). 

While, on the other hand, the second is Lieutenant-General Laura Richardson and she is appointed to lead the South Command (SOUTHCOM), the bases of Central and Latin America. 

In the event that these appointments are approved by the Senate, Van Ovost and Laura will join Lori Robinson. She was the first female leader of a military command. Prior to stepping down in 2008, she headed Northern Command (NORTHCOM). 

Undoubtedly, these three women all have a wide range of skills and aura to manage the forces and face future provocations. As well as serving the nation with integrity and respect. 

And thus, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Biden thought to announce this highly honorable nomination in order to empower women all around the globe. Encourage more and more women to come to the front lines and choose the career path they want and do great things in any field. 

“Today is International Women’s Day, and we all need to see and to recognize the tier-breaking accomplishments as early as last year”.

Biden said

Currently, the American military commands are all headed by four-star generals. Even in 2020, one of the New York Times reports that the Pentagon selected on the proposals of Van Ovost and Laura. But the announcement was delayed until after November 2020 due to the presidential elections. Since Mark Esper Secretary of Defense was afraid that President Donald Trump would not approve it. 

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