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Exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 began in Salisbury Plains

The fifth edition of joint military exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 began at Salisbury Plains in the United Kingdom. The exercise is held between India and the United Kingdom. Aim: The aim of the exercise is to conduct company-level joint training with an emphasis on counter-terrorist operations in urban and semi-urban areas. Ajeya Warrior 2020: Ajeya Warrior 2020 focuses on the joint operation by soldiers during the conduct of counter-terrorist operations. Over 120 soldiers each from the two armies are participating in the exercise. Both countries will share their experiences gained during various counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations in the past. It will enhance the defence cooperation and inter-operability while sharing experiences between both the armies. The exercise includes training on modern weapon systems, equipment and simulator training. Ajeya Warrior military training with the United Kingdom is an important exercise in terms of the security challenges faced by both nations in the realm of changing facets of global terrorism. The exercise is conducted alternatively in India and the UK.  The exercise displays a bilateral willingness to work jointly and share operating procedures to deal with a situation in a specified operational setting.

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