TATA Group importing 24 cryogenic containers to ease oxygen shortage, amid rising COVID-19 cases

With the slowdown of covid-19 in the country, and where we all thought that it’s in control, the nation was hit drastically by the second wave within a few days. Due to which the scenario at medical institutions, centers, hospitals worsened, and patients are suffering from oxygen shortages and more. 

As India battles against the COVID-19 wave, the Indian business tycoon Tata Group tweeted on April 19, 2021, said that it is importing 24 cryogenic containers to transport liquid oxygen to help ease the oxygen shortage in the nation. 

Through the official Tata group Twitter account, they said- “PM Narendra Modi’s appeal to the citizens is laudatory and we at the Tata Group, are committed to doing as much as possible to strengthen the fight against the virus. 

Even the PM also praised the efforts of Tata Group and called it a “compassionate gesture” as the nation battles an acute oxygen shortage due to exploding Covid-19 cases. 

The Tata Group showed extreme faith and said- “We are in this fight together and will surely win it”. 

Moving further with the ongoing cases, India is registering over 2.50 Lakh new covid-19 cases every single day for the past few days. It has resulted in the unavailability of beds and oxygen shortage in hospitals. The latest data shows 2,59,170 new cases and 1,761 deaths between Monday and Tuesday morning. 

With the surge in covid-19, the government authorities are in great concern to handle the scenarios and to make lives back to normal. 

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