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US Defense Secretary To Visit India: 19 to 21 March

NEW DELHI- American Defense Secretary Llyod Austin will visit India to meet Indian Defense minister Rajnath Singh and other prominent dignitaries as part of his first abroad visit, announced by the Pentagon on Wednesday 10th March. 

The visit will be from 19 March to 21 March, dates released by the Defense Ministry. The visit will begin on Saturday, after which the Secretary will also visit South Korea, Japan, and the US Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii. Eventually, it would bolster the US’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific partnership better for the long run, said by Pentagon. 

The meeting is expected to focus on common areas of interest in maintaining a free, open, and inclusive. It will help in making better relations and mutual strategies for better functioning and operations. 

In New Delhi, Secretary Austin will hold an extensive talk or discussion with responsible members or ministers. It would be deepening the US-India relationship and advance cooperation between our countries for a prosperous region, said in the statement. 

It also states that “both sides will have further talks on defense paths or plannings and how they can consolidate military to military cooperation, plus defense trade systems, and also industry cooperation to build a better place to live. 

Sources say the talks will also include several big-ticket defense deals in the area of pipeline. One of the great proposals for 30 armed drones, 10 for each service, from General Atomics estimated at over $3 billion, cleared by the Defense Ministry. 

India is also looking to purchase 6 additional P-81 long-range maritime patrol aircraft to add to the 12 already contracted bunch. It clearly shows, India is keen to upgrade and advance its defense equipments and purchase more weaponry, and on the other hand, the US is up to meet this demand for sure. 

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In the latter days of the visit of Secretary Austin in Japan and South Korea, US Secretary of State Antony Bliken will also be joining him. 

Lastly, it would be the first visit by one of the top officials after president Joe Biden’s administration in the US. So, let’s see how this alliance will go and what would be the result! 

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