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Sri Lanka tells Amazon to remove bikinis, doormats featuring its lion flag

Bangalore: Every country has its own dignity to maintain, if there is any products which can be sold online which effects the dignity of any country, it must be analysed and further action must be taken. Now a days you will find many products hurting the dignity and sentiments of developing countries and religious faith.

Sri Lanka has asked retail giant Amazon to remove bikinis, briefs and floor mats bearing the country’s lion’s flag from its website, authorities said as it protested the sale of Chinese products on its website. The country is one of the world’s largest exporters of e-commerce products and a major exporter of clothing to China.

Sri Lanka said it had lodged a formal protest with the online retailer and called on the Chinese authorities to stop manufacturing and selling similar products. In a statement, the Sri Lankan Embassy in China said the embassy had sent a letter to the company that markets the products on Amazon, asking it to immediately stop selling doormats containing such products and to “immediately use Sri Lanka’s flag.”

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington said it had also taken up the issue and complained to the US government. Dozens of retailers sell flag-themed items on Amazon, the world’s second-largest online retailer. Several Chinese sellers on Amazon are offering non-slip floor mats priced between $10 and $24, with a short lion printed on them.

That’s how the Chinese see Sri Lanka, ‘one Facebook user said, while another wrote on Facebook: “If you can’t pay off your debts, print your flag on your doormats.

In 2002, Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court ordered police and customs to confiscate a CD of lounge music from the Buddha Bar. Muslim woman arrested two years ago for wearing the Dharma Chakra, a Buddhist symbol, police believe. In 2010, US rap star Akon was banned from visiting after he danced in front of scantily clad women and his family.

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