Conserve water to save the life

Water is an essential commodity that helps in meeting the daily needs of life. Currently, you will find that there are many businesses that are reliant on a sufficient flow of clean water for operating and releasing their growth ambition. It is essential to save water and make effective use of it to save future generations.

On World Water Day, Sadhaguru mentioned, “Water is not a commodity – water is life. If we destroy our water sources, we destroy future generations right now.”

Since 1992, World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March to keep people aware of the use of water. The prime focus of this lies on the necessity of freshwater and presses for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

On the other hand, the main aim of this day is to raise awareness about 2.2 billion people who are living without access to safe water resources. As per the UN, global water demand is likely to increase by 50 percent in 2040.

5 reasons why we must conserve water-

Eradicate the effect of drought and water shortage

Da-by-day the need for freshwater is increasing with the increase in the population and industry growth. However, the supply of water is constant. Ultimately, water returns to the Earth’s surface through the water cycle, but it doesn’t return to the same place in the same quality and quantity. Through the reduction of water, we can provide protection against future droughts.

Safeguard against the rising cost and political conflict

Failure in the conservation of water eventually leads to the lack of adequate water supply which creates a harsh impression. This involves rising costs, reduction of food supplies, and political conflict and health hazards.

Preservation of environment

Well, reduction of the water usage reduces the energy needed for process in homes, businesses, farms, and communities. Further, this helps in reducing pollution and conserving fuel resources.

Water accessible for frivolous purposes 

It’s not just swimming pools, spas, and golf courses. However, it more about the freshwater resources that are mainly used for beautifying the surrounding with watering lawns, trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens along with washing cars and filling public fountains at parks. Further, failing to conserve water can now lose out on such uses later on.

Form safe and beautiful communities

Hospitals, firefighters, street cleaners, gas stations, gyms, health clubs, and restaurants needed a large amount of water for offering services to the community. Further, the reduction of usage of water now means that these services can now continue to serve.

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